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The Youth1 Freshman Report: Running Backs

It’s an impressive feat to be able to get meaningful time or start at the varsity level on a high school football team. Youth1 will be looking at some of the freshmen who are making their presence known during this season.

Today, we’ll be looking at a few signal-callers from across the United States. 

Alex McCartney | 6-0 | 185 | Pennsylvania

McCartney carried the football 23 times for 208 yards (9.0 ypc.) and one touchdown in his first game of the season last week. He’s at his best when he’s getting north-south but don’t sleep on his ability to make people miss in open space.  

Brayden Stoker | 6-3 | 200 | Georgia

Stoker has carried the football 27 times for 207 yards and five touchdowns in his first two games. He’s averaging 8.5 yards per carry. Stoker is a big back who is more of a strider. Despite being a tall back, he does a good job lowering his pads when he enters contact and finishes his runs. Stoker is also a solid pass-catcher with the ability to line up wide and become a mismatch for defensive backs. His frame and athleticism scream future Power 5 outside linebacker, but we’ll just talk about his skills as an offensive player for now. 

Calvin Lacewell | 5-10 | 180 | North Carolina

Lacewell has scored five total touchdowns in his first two games of the season. He has carried the football 12 times for 148 yards (12.3 ypc). He has highlights from a scrimmage game in which he scores on what looks to be a 30-plus yard touchdown run. 

Izayveon Moore |5-7 | 165 | Indiana

Moore has carried the football 37 times for 233 yards (6.2 ypc.) and three touchdowns in two games this season. He’s on the small side but that really doesn’t matter. Moore hits the hole quick and doesn’t do any dancing, he goes straight up the field. His ability to take inside runs and break them to the outside and turn the corner on defenders is impressive. 

Masyn Chalfant | Indiana

Chalfant has carried the football 32 times for 309 yards (9.66 ypc.) and five touchdowns in two games this season.

PJ Brown | Alabama

Brown carried the football 19 times for 226 yards and one touchdown in his first game of the season last week. 

Tre Segarra | South Carolina

Segarra has carried the football 37 times for 262 yards (7.1 ypc.) and two touchdowns in two games this season. He was offered by UCF back on Aug. 23. 

Zachery Cartwright | 5-9 | 150 | Tennessee

In two games, Cartwright has carried the football 40 times for 278 yards (6.95 ypc.) and four touchdowns. 


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