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QB Jordan Phillips is a 2026 talent to keep an eye on

The 2026 class is brimming with talent, especially at the Quarterback position. 

Among the rising talents worthy of recognition for his playmaking ability on the field, is 2026 QB Jordan Phillips. Phillips is a real athlete that knows how to make a difference for his team on each and every down. 

"I play Quarterback and I love throwing the ball deep and making throws on the run," Phillips told Youth1.com.

"My favorite part of playing football is making plays and throwing on the run. I love playing with my teammates, knowing they count on me and I love knowing I will not let them down," he added.

The McKinney, Texas native is a dual-threat QB that shows elite playmaking talent with his legs and a good arm to make throws downfield. Phillips shines on designed QB runs with his burst to hit the hole. Phillips is great at running the Read-Option. His superb instincts allow him to make quick reads of the defense. Once finds some daylight, Phillips scurries for big chunks of yardage. 

He throws the ball extremely well on the move and each throw with real zip. Phillips believes throwing the deep ball is a big strength of his.

"Throwing deep on and throwing on the run," Phillips said of his strengths.

"I am able to extend plays with my running ability, speed and I’m difficult to tackle," he added.

Jordan most recently played for the Lionhearted 7v7 team and Cockrill Middle School A team. Some of his accolades include being ranked in the Top 10 Dual-Threat quarterbacks in Texas by our friends at QBHitlist, and being a Class of 2026 RRQB State Champion in 2021.

As he looks to continue growing his game, Phillips is working diligently on honing his craft. He works on his game multiple times a week with practice, weights, and cardio.

"I am focusing on accuracy and footwork this off-season in preparation for Freshman football," Phillips said.

"To get to the next level, I am focusing on reading defenses, improving my quick release, ball placement and down field accuracy," he added.

With his remarkable athleticism, it should come as no surprise that Phillips looks up to one of the NFL's most talented Quarterbacks in Kyler Murray.

"I look up to Kyler Murray because I have been told we have very similar playing styles, and that style of play comes naturally to me. What I like most is how Kyler makes plays on the field. He’s fun to watch and He always seems to find a way to win. I have admired and followed Kyler since I saw him play in Allen, TX," Phillips said.

QB Jordan Phillips is a 2026 talent to keep an eye on going forward. He's just scratching the surface of his potential. With his ability to spin it and make plays with his legs, Phillips talent speaks for itself.


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