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NEXTGEN Orlando Elite Showcase Top Performers

NEXTGEN All America Camp held the opener to their Regional Camp Series on January 8th at Celebration High School in Celebration, FL.

This event is the first of many, with NXGN bringing their high profile camp to many cities around the country, including Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, to name a few.

For those unfamiliar, NXGN camps have become one of the premier youth camps in the country. NXGN has grown to become one of the top exposure camps for high school and youth football players.

Their invite-only event, The Show, is one of the nation's biggest and best youth football events, as it brings together the absolute best of the best to compete in one location. An invite to The Show can be secured by a standout performance at one of the regional camps in NextGen's camp series.

Here are the standout performers that were Medal Winners at the NEXTGEN Orlando Elite Showcase.


2023 Athletes

Kyland Armstrong - OL - 2023

Malachi Young - OL - 2023

Dylan Braithwaite - WR - 2023

Trevion Hernandez - WR - 2023

Jakeem Jackson - WR - 2023

Bo Mascoe - DB - 2023

Ahman Covington - DB - 2023

Markel James - LB - 2023


2024 Athletes

Nicholas Trier - QB - 2024

Dallen Ponder - WR - 2024

Trevion Swint - RB - 2024

Zamarion Albritton - DB - 2024

Frederick Gaskin III - DB - 2024


2025 Athletes

Shawn Simeon - RB - 2025

Benjamin Diaz - OL - 2025

Kaleb Taylor-Burch - DB - 2025

Temiko Smith - DB - 2025

Ar'travous Pearson - DB - 2025

Demhir Jackson - DL - 2025

Julian Mendez - LB - 2025


2026 Athletes

Sabby Meassick - QB - 2026

Alijah Jenkins - WR - 2026

Teddy Welch - OL - 2026

Larenz Walker - DB - 2026


To earn your spot to the The Show, sign up for a NXGN Regional Showcase -> here.

Sign up for your Youth1 Profile -> here.


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