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FSG Jacksonville Camp Top Performers

Future Stars Game kicked off its 10th year with the Jacksonville camp for Team Florida on Saturday, February 8. With the expanded Future Stars Game format to include Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina, Team Florida was the first to get camps started for this annual all-star event. The annual event has seen some of the top middle school players in the country participate and they were expecting another talented group to show up for the Jacksonville camp. The Florida director Rickie Simon was not disappointed as the talent on hand at the camp was excellent.

Here are a few standout performances for the Team Florida camp in Jacksonville.

Chalil Cummings (8th Grade) – Chalil probably the most talked about player at the camp. The long and athletic kid showed a very competitive attitude with the talent to be a standout on both sides of the ball. Demonstrating excellent footwork and change of direction, he was outstanding at defensive back recording several interceptions. He was just as dominant at receiver as he used his quick burst to create separation on his routes and demonstrated soft hands to make catches look easy. Cummings was the 8th grade MVP at the Jacksonville Camp.




Jenoa Alford (7th Grade) – Future Stars Director Valister Wilson stated that Alford was his favorite player at the camp. Alford took on every challenge during the camp taking on one receiver after another at defensive back. He showed great determination and discipline in his coverage to match his quickness. Alford demonstrated a high football IQ and looks like a name to be remembered.




Rashud Conaway (7th Grade) – Conaway was a star in this event last year, only it was for Team Georgia. Now, he has moved to Florida and will be representing Team Florida in 2020, and he demonstrated the skill set that made him one of the best players in the 2019 6th Grade game. Rashud is a diverse athlete that lines up at running back, but has the talent and speed to be an elite receiver and return guy also. He demonstrated all of those talents during the Jacksonville camp, enough to walk away with the 7th grade MVP award. 


Carlos Witherup (7th Grade) – Carlos is lightning in a bottle. He is a small and extremely quick playmaker that has a knack for the ball, whether on offense or defense. Carlos runs excellent routes which creates separation as a receiver and consistent hands to make every catch. With his skills after the catch, he has the potential to make every play a home run.


Jake Guarnera (8th Grade) – Jake has the perfect frame and body to project into a big time offensive line recruit. He demonstrated quickness to drop step and set for pass pro blocking and the physicality to finish his blocks. He demonstrated a good grasp of the game and you can expect him to be another in the long line of division 1 offensive linemen that have played in this event.


With Future Stars Game camps just getting underway, you can still register for camps at www.futurestarsgame.com.


Article written by Valister Wilson of FSG.


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