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Adidas Middle School Showcase: Offensive Top Performers

The Adidas Middle School Showcase was held February 15th, 2015 at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia. Compiling the top 6th, 7th, and 8th graders into one showcase, the elite talent was on display from numerous states. In one of the deeper and most competitive camps across the country, the top players did not disappoint. The players listed below made the Youth1 All Showcase team of the Adidas Middle School Showcase.

(All players class of 2019 unless noted otherwise)



Harrison Bailey- A class of 2020 prospect, standing 6’2 and 180 pounds, Bailey has the skillset to be the best quarterback in Georgia before his high school career is finished. Had the strongest arm at the Adidas Atlanta showcase, and showed the best timing on his passes during 1 on 1’s.

Aaron McLaughlin- A class of 2020 prospect, McLaughlin showed why he’s considered one of the best 7th grade quarterbacks in the country, showing a big time arm to go with his 6’2 frame. He stepped up during 1 on 1’s to participate with the best 8th graders at the event, delivering balls quick and efficiently

Running Back           


Jeremy Smith- At 6’1, 175, Smith showed out for his second consecutive event in a row; impressing everyone with his size, speed, and ability to catch the football. During 1 on 1’s, Smith was the best running back on the field as he showed all the tools necessary to be considered an all-purpose back.

Julius Thompson Jr- Thompson has a massive physical presence that’s rare to see at the 8th grade level. While route running and catching might not have displayed his biggest tools at the showcase, his footwork and strength were impressive to add to his size.

Jaylen Mccollough- One of the most athletic players at the showcase, listed as an ATH that plays RB, among other positions, Mccollough used speed, size, and great hands to impress during the 1 on 1’s. Clocked one of the faster 40 times and showed great footwork during the testing drills.

Wide Receivers     


KJ Wallace- Listed as the #1 ATH in the class of 2019, KJ can also add another title to his list of accomplishments, Top WR at the Adidas Showcase. KJ has excellent route running skills, tremendous speed, and great vertical ability to highpoint the ball from his opposition. Wallace is the real deal at a very early age.

Dominick Blaylock – Blaylock had the best route running ability of any WR at the showcase, as he was able to perform incredibly well during 1 on 1’s.  While undersized against some of the top WR’s here, Blaylock stood out by catching everything thrown his way, and just simply running too sharp of routes for the DB’s to follow him.

Jay Lagroon- The Anderson, SC native has excellent size and strong hands, exploding off the line quickly against his opposition all afternoon. Lagroon used his vertical ability to highpoint the ball in the air during 1 on 1’s; he has all the tools needed to become an elite WR in the class of 2019.

Jalen Roach- One of the fastest WR’s at the showcase, Roach has the ability to drop on a dime and change directions for the easier catch. Roach was undersized against some the DB’s, and that will continue to happen, but if he shows route running ability like he did at the Adidas Showcase no one will be able to stay in front of him.

Offensive linemen

Quentin Skinner – Skinner has long been one of the top youth linemen in the country. Ranked in last year’s Elite 101 as the No. 70 player in the Class of 2019, Skinner again proved why he’s on of the best. He showed strong footwork and fundamentals in all drills.

Nicolas Rowan – The Eastbay Youth All-American put on a solid showing on Sunday as he showed sound fundamentals and a willingness to learn. Rowan was strong in both agility and blocking drills.

Jkai Clark – Clark has a great frame from a lineman in the 8th grade. He’s got a strong lower body and uses his strength to his advantage. He showed good footwork and was often complimented by coaches for his technique in blocking drills.

Harry Miller - Miller impressed us all day long as he showcased his talen along the interior line. He put up an impressive 5.8 forty-yard dash time and was constantly receiving praise from the coaching staff for his technique and footwork. 


Defenisve Top Performers                                                                           Defenisve Top Performers 


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