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2024 WR/CB Israel Boyce named MVP at Elite GA Showcase

At the recent Elite GA Showcase held by Elite Talent Football Academy in Atlanta, GA many of the areas top athletes participated in a one day camp. This camp consisted of combine testing (Y1ACT), drills, training, and challenging on field battles designed to teach the athletes the game while allowing them to getting better through coaching and competition.

One of the standouts from the event was 2024 WR/CB Israel Boyce, who had an impressive showing that caught the eye of both his peers and the coaches in attendance.

Boyce balled out and competed hard during the camp. He worked hard and pushed himself to perform well despite the dreary weather conditions.

"My experience was awesome. I was able to meet athletes and trainers from all around. The one on one tested your skill level, strength and speed. I was able to see how I measure up to others at my age level and above," Boyce said.

"The weather wasn’t really a factor, it actually boosted my performance as I had to work harder to execute the drills. Most of my big games have been played in unpleasant weather conditions. Elite athletes are expected to perform in all types of weather," he added.

The Atlanta, GA native used this opportunity to showcase the talent that he's worked hard to master. The 5'0" 100 pound athlete plays both Slot Receiver and Cornerback. He's working to get better each day and treats each time he's on the field as an opportunity to get better.

"I think my performance was great," Boyce said.

"I executed the skills that I have been trained to do as a DB. The trainers at the camp gave pointers and different techniques to enhance my performance. I believe that I can improve on taking smaller steps when I’m jamming a receiver on the line and not breaking my cushion."

For his remarkable performance, Boyce was named MVP of the Elite GA Showcase camp by the Elite Talent Football Academy staff. This is an accomplishment that Boyce is sincerely grateful for.

"With so many talented athletes in attendance at the camp, I am humbly grateful and thankful for being recognized by Elite Talent Football Showcase staff," Boyce said.

"When I took the field, I knew immediately that I had to be aggressive and perform at the highest level possible. This was my first experience at a camp this big. From here on out everything I do is about preparing myself for high school," Boyce.

After being named MVP, Boyce remains focused on preparing his game for the next level. Winning the MVP at the Elite GA Showcase is a remarkable achievement, but Boyce is striving to accomplish even more.

"Being named as the MVP at my first camp has been by far the highlight of my personal success on the field," he said.

"I am working to improve my knowledge, the skill part will come with proper training an execution. I want to understand how to counter schemes. I’m currently working on my zone coverage skills."

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