2023 QB DaRon Wilson earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 QB DaRon Wilson earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

Salem, Virginia’s DaRon Wilson has been picked for the Freshman450 due to his stellar play at quarterback during the past two years—as well as a promising future. The QB, whose talents are steadily flourishing, led the Andrew Lewis Middle School football team to a 9-1 record in 2018. The next year, he earned a spot on the Salem High School Spartans varsity team after a successful season on the school’s JV squad.

In addition to being a part of the varsity Spartans, playing backup QB and defensive back, he was able to experience the team making it to the Class 5 Region A regional championship, playing for more than 4,000 fans.

“I am truly humbled and honored to be thought of among the best freshman in the country,” he said. “It also means I need to continue to work harder in the classroom and on the field.

“I feel like am progressing very well mentally and physically, [but] there is always room for improvement,” the 2023 student added. “I’m ready to get back to work this winter.”

Wilson is 5’11” and 140 lbs., and is an agile, mobile quarterback, very much in the same style as the Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson. His highlight film shows that Wilson has good presence in the pocket and can deliver the ball with sharp, accurate throws on short and long passes. Wilson can also use his speed (a 4.9 40) to roll out quickly and deliver passes downfield for big gains. His speed could play a major role in the Spartans’ offense in the future.

Wilson also uses his speed to contribute to the Salem High School track team, where he recently ran in the boys 4x2 relay. And in 2018, he competed and placed in the 110-meter hurdles and the high jump for Andrew Lewis Middle School.

On the football field, Wilson noted that his strengths are reading defenses, his speed, mobility and leadership skills.

“I love taking on the leadership role and helping my teammates be better,” he said. “I [also] love playing with my teammates on the field, the camaraderie and the never-give-up mentality.”

While Wilson noted that his primary focus is on his schoolwork, he will be working on his speed and strength for the upcoming football season. He’s already working out diligently in the weight room.

“I will be competing at prospect camps, running track for speed, lifting with my team and working on mechanics with my QB coach,” he said.

In 2019, Wilson received invites from Elite 100 Prospect camp and TB12 CAMP, and he’s sure to receive more this year.

Next football season, Wilson should be competing for the starting Spartans QB job as a sophomore. He could also contribute by playing cornerback for his team.

“I always look forward to the one-on-one matchups,” he noted.

The comparison to Lamar Jackson is no accident, since Wilson is a big fan of his.

“He is a dual-threat QB,” he said. “I like how humble he is, and how he carries himself on and off the field.”

This humble young man should make a difference for the Spartans when the 2020 season begins.


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For more on DaRon Wilson, check out his highlights below.

Article written by Tom Warnick.


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