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NJ's Felter Talks FBU Camp, Freshman Goals

The FBU camp that took place in New Jersey on the weekend of May 13 had multiple standouts throughout the event. One that caught many scouts’ eyes was Bryan Felter, an 6’2, 275-pounds offensive lineman from Westfield, New Jersey.

The future Bergen Catholic prospect was presented the opportunity to work out with the high school attendees early on Friday and proceeded to make the most of it, showcasing his strength and natural ability. Felter has had similar experiences previously, so the challenge was something he was ready for.

“I really wasn’t hesitant to take the offer,” he said. “I had already been at a few camps where I went against older players and I was able to be competitive, so I was excited to give it a go.”

Making the jump from middle school game speed to high school game speed is not easy, but Felter was prepared. He used his past youth league games to his advantage.

“The players are definitely faster and they rushed much harder, especially to the outside,” Felter said. “It’s very different than what I faced in my PAL Youth League. I had to make the adjustment of getting off the ball quicker and having faster footwork.”

His 1-on-1 performances were mixed at first, losing and winning an equal amount of battles. However, Felter eventually settled in and was able to perform much more consistently, impressing both coaches and scouts.

“After losing my first one, I spent a few minutes figuring out what I did wrong and what adjustments I had to make to win the next one,” he recalled. “When I got a victory, it made me feel a lot more confident. I knew that if I continued using the techniques that I had learned, I could win every one.”

Felter has youth All-American accolades under his belt, but stepping into an older age group is always difficult. He says that he had a “chip on his shoulder from the start,” setting out to show his worth to everyone in attendance.

“I was definitely determined to let them know that I belonged there and that I could compete and win,” Felter said. “There is always room for improvement though. Mastering the techniques I learned will give me an advantage in the future.”

After such a successful outing, Felter has his eyes set on his first high school season. He’s ready to take the next step and gain more recognition.

“I can’t wait to get started,” he said. “I want to dominate the line as a freshman and get selected to the All-County Team. It’ll be tough, but I know I can do it.”


Written by Kyle Morgan


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