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Top Performers from the NPFA National Top 100 Middle School Showcase in Atlanta

Recently the National Prep & Youth Football Association (NPFA) hosted their National Top 100 Middle School Showcase in Atlanta. These are the Top Performers from the National Top 100 Middle School Showcase in Atlanta.

8th Grade

Trey Higgins | QB
6'4" 185
Anniston, AL

Prototypical QB with a strong arm, who also is a dual threat. Trey amazed scouts with his athleticism at the combine running a 4.77 40 yard dash, which was the fastest time for all 8th graders. Also, scored the best in the L Drill with 7.75 & threw the furthest in the Medicine Ball Toss with 26'9" showing his agility & upper body strength. Earned the 8th grade Overall Camp MVP.

Wyatt Standridge | OL/ DT
5'11" 240
Copperhill, TN

Standridge is an extremely coachable player. Performed well in the Lineman Challenge lining up against players that were either older or bigger than him. Showed great footwork in pass protection drills & has the ability to play the 3-technique on the opposite side of the ball. Earned the Lineman MVP Award.

Nigel Scales | ATH
5'10" 145
Talladega, AL

Scales showed his ability to play multiple positions by performing well in the DB drills & showing great accuracy as a QB. Performed well in the 7v7 portion of the camp and also showed his athleticism as a dangerous ball carrier. Placed in the Top 3 in the 40 (4.88), shuttle (4.25), & L-Drill (7.97).

Edwin Mangual | DB/ WR
5'6" 135
Lawrenceville, GA

Edwin was extremely impressive in the DB drills and 1v1s. Has great coverage skills and patience as DB. Had the 2nd fastest time in the 5-10-5 (4.37) & 3-cone (7.85) showing his ability to change directions quickly, which also translated well in his ability to lock down opposing receivers.

Delvon Fegans | DB/ WR
6' 155
Oxford, AL

Fegans has great size a big DB who showed the ability to play cover Corner or Safety. Performed well in 1v1s & showed great route running and hands as a receiver. Had one of the top Broad Jumps of the day with 8'8" which shows great lower body explosion. Also, ran a 4.93 40 & 4.84 shuttle which shows his speed & agility.

Brandon Kirksey | T
6'4" 255
Oxford, AL

Kirksey already has Varsity size as an Offensive Tackle and looked very impressive during 1v1s & the Lineman Challenge. It's rare that you see a kid his age with great footwork who understands the position. Has the ability and size to dominate in run blocking along with the footwork and technique to protect the edge.

Top 3 for Each Event

40 - Trey Higgins 4.77, Justin Moore 4.81, Nigel Scales 4.88

5-10-5 - Nigel Scales 4.25, Edwin Mangual 4.37, Justin Moore 4.6

L-Drill - Trey Higgins 7.75, Edwin Mangual 7.85, Nigel Scales 7.97

Broad Jump - Justin Mcmillian 9', Nyzerrius Carter 8'9", Delvon Fegans 8'8"

Medicine Ball Toss- Trey Higgins 26'9", Larry Calhoun III 22'9", Wyatt Standridge 22'6"

7th Grade

Tre'quan Fegans | ATH
5'11" 170
Oxford, AL

Tre'quan performed well at the combine and placed in the Top 3 in his grade level for each event. Led all C/O 2022 players in the 40 (4.9), L-Drill (8.06)  & Broad Jump (7'). His time in the shuttle (4.66) & Medicine Ball Toss (20'7") were also very impressive.

Elijah Baksh | WR
5'5" 130
Snellville, GA

Baksh earned the MVP for all 7th graders with a strong performance in the 7v7 game. Baksh was a sure-handed target for QBs in 1v1s and showed the ability to get behind the defense.

Jeremiah Hood | DL
6'1" 235
Rex, GA

Hood has a great combination of size and speed that allows him to play anywhere on the defensive line and dominate. Ran a blazing 5.64 (40) & 4.69 (5-10-5) to go along with finishing 1st in the Medicine Ball Toss for all C/O 2022 athletes. Performed extremely well in 1v1s and showed the ability to rush of the edge or bull rush effectively.

Top 3 for Each Event

4 0- Tre'quan Fegans 4.9, BJ Elston 5.5, Elijah Baksh 5.51

5-10-5 - Elijah Baksh 4.44, Tre'quan Fegans 4.66, Jeremiah Hood 4.69

L-Drill - Tre'quan Fegans 8.06, Elijah Baksh 8.16, BJ Elston 8.58

Broad Jump - Tre'quan Fegans 7', Jeremiah Hood & Ryan Green 6'5"

Medicine Ball Toss - Jeremiah Hood 22'7", BJ Elston 21'4", Tre'quan Fegans 20' 7"

6th Grade & Under

Harlem Diamond | RB
4'11" 105
Cedartown, GA

Harlem, the younger cousin of Univ of Georgia Star RB Nick Chubb, would seem to have some big shoes to fill following his older cousin's footsteps. However, the younger cousin seems to be living up to the hype. The young RB performed well in all combine drills & was totally dominate in 1v1s during the camp.

Chris Martin | QB
5'3" 100
Fitzgerald, GA

Martin continues to impress and mature within his role as an up and coming star QB. The 2x NPFA All American put on a show during the 1v1 & 7v7 portion of the camp. Martin showed accuracy in every throw and the ability to throw the deep ball.

Anquon Fegans | RB, WR, DB
4'10" 90
Oxford, AL

The youngest Fegans brother performed well, finishing in the Top 3 in 4 out of the 5 combine categories. He also performed very well in 1v1s showing his ability to get open as a receiver and provided great coverage in the opposite side of the ball.

Top 3 for Each Event

40 - Harlem Diamond 5.61, Anquon Fegans 5.74, Bo Bashlor 5.8

5-10-5 - Harlem Diamond 4.66, Anquan Fegans 4.93, Thomas Henderson 5.09

L-Drill - Harlem Diamond 7.69, Thomas Henderson 8.19, Anquan Fegans 8.37

Broad Jump - Thomas Henderson 6'6", Harlem Diamond 6'3", Anquan Fegans 6'3"

Medicine Ball Toss - Paul Moffett 14'2", Bo Bashlor 14'1", Harlem Diamond 14'

Written by Orey Ferrell


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