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Class of 2024 QB Christopher Martin is thriving on the field and in the classroom

Class of 2024 QB Christopher Martin has plenty of reason to be boastful. He's gained recognition as a player to watch from his class and has some major talent for a young buck. He already has some impressive achievements to his name including 3X Diamond All American, Spring All Diamond Team selection, 2X NPFA All American, and NPFA top 100 player 2023 and beyond, to name a few. While his on field accolades are quite impressive, he prides himself most on what he's accomplishing in the classroom.

"Academically I received all A’s this past semester," Martin said.

"I was also recently awarded a provisional patent for an invention I created for a science fair project in NY PS 861 this past year. Still pending a Utility patent."

Academic excellence creates work ethic, and Martin's off field success has directly translated into on field dominance.

The Staten Island, NY native, who currently resides in Fitzgerald, GA, makes plays all over the field from the QB position. He can make all the throws and is a terror running the ball on designed runs and option plays. Whether it's a throw across the middle, a deep ball or a short route, Martin puts the ball on the money.

Martin is often the one in the endzone, but what he truly enjoys is setting up his teammates.

"My favorite part of playing football is being on the field, getting the snap, having the ball in my hands and making sure that my teammates have a chance to score," Martin said.

"The best feeling is throwing a touchdown pass to a friend. We have a saying “get that man a touchdown” or “put a touchdown in that man’s pocket” and that is the greatest feeling."

Quarterbacks must be the leaders of their teams on the field and in the locker room. Martin prides himself on possessing all the necessary attributes of any top notch QB.

"My passion is playing quarterback," Martin said.

"One of my favorite things about playing quarterback is leading the team and setting the tone on offense. I enjoy throwing the ball because I make the decision about ball placement and the responsibility falls on me."

Martin is a competitor who thrives under the responsibility and leadership requirements of his position. As a young QB, these are important qualities to learn. Martin embraces the challenge of the position.

"I feel like I’m doing pretty good, but I still have work to do. Every day is a competition against yourself or someone else. If someone’s there or someone isn’t there you have to work hard. Whether someone is looking or not, every day you have to work to get better," Martin said.

"If someone is watching, you have to find something in yourself to work even harder. My goal is to do the right and best thing all the time."

While Martin has a skill-set to be quite proud of and the talent to go with it, he is constantly working to get better each day.

"As a quarterback I still need to perfect my upper body mechanics, feeling pressure instead of looking at the pressure and identifying coverages. As a leader I need to work on being more vocal and expressing to my teammates it’s cool to be mature," Martin said.

There is always room for improvements for all athletes, especially those as young and talented as Christopher Martin. While there may be room for improvements, Martin is very aware of his current strengths.

"I feel that my strengths are accuracy and toughness. My short-term memory, not holding on to good things or bad things too long but rather just moving on to the next play, is also a strength. Also I feel I’m pretty fast if needed and I love my teammates," Martin said.

Martin has his sights set on bigger and better things. He wants to play football on the big stage one day and is dedicated to reaching his lofty goals. With his combination of brains and ballin', Martin believes he has what it takes for next level success.

"For the next level, I’m working on having the best grades possible. On field I’m working on my decision making and getting bigger, faster and stronger," Martin said.

"I want to be the best high school player I can be and for college I want to choose between playing in the Ivy Leagues division of college football, or big time FBS. Hoping that University coaches recognize that I will be the hardest working leader on the field and the model student athlete off the field."

Martin may be a math wiz, (math is his favorite subject in school), however he's also a wizard on the football field.

When he's not focused on his schoolwork, you'll likely catch him with a football in hand. That's just how much he enjoys the game.

"To be honest, I almost always have a football in my hand and my favorite thing is to throw the ball around," Martin said.


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