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2017 Diamond All-American Spring Game: 6th Grade Players to Watch

The 2017 Diamond All-American Spring Game and Memorial Day Weekend event is set for this weekend and some of the nation’s most impressive youth football players will be in attendance.

Plenty of explosive standout athletes will be working hard and playing harder in hopes of making an impression on coaches and scouts.

Here are some players to watch from the 6th grade rosters.

Red Team 1

Joshua Evans – QB

Standing at 5’7, 115 lbs., Evans is a talented young QB who is still learning the position. He has a naturally smooth arm and is very athlete. It will be exciting to see him showcase his game.

Nygel Osborne – RB

Standing at 5’6, 130 lbs., Osborne is a back that runs with a smooth combination of power and quickness. He thrives in open space. Once he hits the hole, he’s in the second level of the defense before you know it. Look for him to be among the standout running backs from the 6th grade.

Red Team 2

Sterling Smith – QB

Standing at 5'0, 86 lbs., Smith can pick you apart if given time to throw. Once he drops back in the pocket, he has the ability to quickly locate his first read. Once he sees an adequate throwing lane, he drops the ball in perfectly.

Aaron Foster – WR

Standing at 5’6, 150 lbs., Foster has good size for a receiver so young. He’s able to use his frame to his advantage in battle against a DB for the ball.

White Team 1

Harlem Diamond – RB

Standing at 5'0, 105 lbs., Diamond is fast, quick, shifty and has great agility. Diamond's ability to hit the hole and get to the second level of the defense is astounding. If he finds his way into the open field, which he does quite often, he likes to evade defenders left and right as he makes his way to scoring a touchdown.

Kendrick “Big Bruce” Joyner – FB

Standing at 5'3, 174 lbs., the Indian Trail, NC native is a load to drag to the ground. Once his legs start churning, Joyner will carry multiple defenders with him down the field. He’s a power runner who is unafraid of laying the boom on his opponents. Joyner's physicality often gives him an edge.

Jayden Baskerville – OL/DL

Standing at 5’10, 219 lbs., Baskerville is a physically imposing presence that thrives at dominating the line of scrimmage. Running backs thrive running behind the holes Baskerville creates. He uses his strength to dominate opposing lineman allowing the runner to find his way to some major daylight. Look for him to dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball at the Diamond Spring Game.

White Team 2

Keith Sampson Jr. – OL/DL

Standing at 5’10, 215 lbs., Sampson is a bruising lineman who makes his dominating presence felt on both sides of the ball. He uses his size very well and is able to easily move his opposition as he finds his way to the quarterback. On offense, he is great at creating huge running lanes for his running back to get through.


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