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The Rise in Youth Travel Sports - Innovative Startup Develops a New Way for Teams to Leverage Tournament Travel to Save Money & Fundraise

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While summer is tournament travel season for youth sports families, recent research states that youth sports travel accounts for over $10 billion in spending per year. Similarly, Time Magazine’s August 2017 cover story poses that youth sports has become a $15 Billion industry, largely driven by the rise in the competitiveness of youth sports, and the growing importance of participation in tournaments as a requirement for kids to compete at the travel level.


According to Don Schumacher, executive director of the National Association of Sports Commissions, “people who are participating [in sports] are participating with a vengeance. They are playing a lot of games and entering a lot of tournaments.” This trend does back to the beginning of the decade. In the early 2010s spending on travel for sports showed 3x as much growth as overall leisure travel. (


For families of talented youth athletes looking to experience the best competition, travel is a must. And that means spending; on travel, hotels, food, and recreation while on the road.


The emergence of super-facilities like Ballparks of America, located in Branson, Mo., adds to the appeal of sports travel by featuring a top-of-the-line sports destination, offering something for the whole family.


The reality of this travel trend as the new standard of commitment to youth sports might seem daunting to the average American family, but in the modern age there are innovative ways to keep spending down.


Some methods of saving include booking ahead to get better deals, price shopping airlines, rental car companies, or hotels, taking advantage of blocks to keep room rates down, and shopping and eating local.


There’s a new technology company in the market designed specifically to help make travel cheaper and easier for teams on the go.


Lucid Travel helps travel teams save on hotels, car rentals and flights, and earn cash back in the booking process.


They help teams save money by pulling in hotel rates from all the top 3rd party websites as well as rates directly from hotel properties so you know you’re getting the best price every time you make a reservation.


What makes them different is that every time you book, your team earn up to 7% cash back.


As an added value, teams that book through Lucid Travel can also send their travel page to parents & fans that book hotels, car rentals, and flights for vacations and business travel as a way to fundraise for the team.


Lucid Travel makes it so easy to setup and begin savings. Once a team creates an account on Lucid Travel, they get a personalized travel page to send to parents and fans. Any booking made through their travel page will help that team earn money. Click here to see an example team page.


Lucid also has a tool that helps teams & tournament directors find discounted group rates for hotels. Simply fill out a group request form that is automatically sent to all the hotels near your event. You can still negotiate with the hotel managers and even pay them directly - Lucid just makes finding discounted bids easier. Group rates have been averaging 24% off standard rates. Click here to fill out the group request form.


Thousands of people have already started using Lucid to fundraise and save money on travel expenses.


Lucid Travel has agreed to give Youth1 teams direct access to their exclusive discounts which is usually only available to platinum members. Click here to create your free team travel page and start saving money while fundraising and take advantage of this special unrestricted access.


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