The ultimate guide of the best youth batting gloves | Youth1

The ultimate guide of the best youth batting gloves

The right pair of batting gloves can make you feel like a batting champion. But what gloves should you look into buying this year. This is a guide to help you pick from the best of the best.


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Mizuno Youth Vintage Pro G4 Batting Gloves

Mizuno has been developing quality youth batting gloves for a long time and the Pro G4 is the latest in a long line of great products from them. The G4 utilizes technology called a Sensor Point Palm that puts extra grip in strategic points on the palm. The Motion Arc Line is developed to move just like your skin and create a more comfortable swing. These are durable gloves that your youth player can use this season, next season, and beyond. Not only does it improve the value of your investment, but it creates a level of comfort that will significantly benefit any player.

Provides Comfort & Improved Grip
No Ventilation
DeMarini Youth Versus Batting Glove

DeMarini is one of the more innovative companies when it comes to youth baseball equipment and they put all of that innovation into the Versus youth batting glove. The design of the glove brings it higher on the wrist to avoid the rubbing that normally occurs with other gloves. With the sturdy materials used to make the Versus gloves, they can protect your youth hitter’s entire lower arm from injuries that other gloves are unable to prevent.

Runs Small
Uncomfortable Plastic Tab
Easton Youth HS7 Batting Gloves

Easton has been making quality youth baseball equipment for a long time and the engineers at Easton know what youth hitters need to be successful. The comfort level of the HS7 gloves is off the charts thanks to its sheepskin fabric and engineered design. Hitters will not even notice these gloves thanks to their extreme comfort and the durable wrist strap. These durable gloves will last this season and beyond and give your youth hitter the edge they need to be their very best.

Wears Out Easily
Low Availability
Under Armour Boys’ UA Clean Up Batting Gloves

Under Armour knows how to make sporting equipment that is durable and comfortable, which are two of the most important traits of good youth batting gloves. Under Armour has put its HeatGear technology on the back of the Clean Up batting gloves to keep your hitter’s hands dry and comfortable at all times. The Clean Up batting gloves also have that sense of style that Under Armour has become famous for, which means that these gloves look great while they are helping your youth player to make better contact.

Low Availability
Mizuno Youth Franchise Batting Glove

Mizuno has developed a reputation for making high quality products and the Youth Franchise batting glove does nothing to harm that reputation. These gloves look great and fit perfectly. They are designed with extra contact material at strategic points to increase grip and durability. The design of the Franchise batting glove also helps to keep your youth player’s hands dry during those pressure situations. The Franchise batting glove even has an area where your youth player can write their name and make sure that they are the only ones who use their Mizuno gloves.

Good Quality Batting Gloves
Users Have Experienced Sizing Issues
Nike GB0333 Diamond Elite Edge II Batting Gloves

You would expect a world leader like Nike to be on a list of the top youth batting gloves and the GB0333 Diamond Elite Edge II makes a strong showing for itself. This simple black glove with the Nike swoosh looks great and the real leather palm allows for maximum comfort and grip.

Users Have Experienced Sizing Issues