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Coach Demetrius' Weekly Scorecard

(Source) - Coach Demetrius Mitchell (Coach D) knows how to break down the game of baseball and deliver detailed coaching that makes a difference in player development. Coach D provides exclusive tips and tricks of the trade every day in Coach D’s Dugout—exclusively on TravelBall Select’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

This week in his Tip of the Day, Coach D gave us a variety of fundamental tips. Here is a recap:

1. When hitting, it’s important to stay inside the ball. Staying inside helps a hitter take a shorter route to the baseball. The hitter will have a high percentage chance of squaring up the baseball to hit a line drive.

2. When pitching, always throw the ball in a downward plane. Practice going through the motion without the ball. In the middle of your stride, your arm should be up.  Get your elbow above your armpits. Be sure to check out the exclusive instructional video at the TravelBall Select Facebook Page!

3. As an outfielder, your first step is always backward when going after a fly ball.  It’s much easier to move forward if the ball falls short. This will help you to keep the ball in front of you. You never want the ball to fall between the fielder and the fence!

4. Always be a team player to your teammates!  No one player can win a game for the team. It takes everyone to do their part.

5. The “Change Up” is the best pitch in baseball.  Learn how to throw it without changing your range of motion, and batters will have trouble timing the velocity of the ball with their swing.

6. Always have a purpose when you touch the baseball field and a positive goal to want to get better.  A strong, positive attitude with clear goals gives your team an edge.

7. When throwing, your wrist is the last thing that comes through the baseball to create spin. 

Check in every day on Facebook and Twitter for Coach D’s Tip of the Day and for this Weekly Scorecard and instructional videos.

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