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What is the Champion Power Index?

What’s the best measurement of athleticism?


The 40 yard dash? The 5-10-5 Shuttle, Vertical Jump?


Yes, these metrics help evaluate specific elements of your athleticism like speed, agility, or explosiveness, but what if you want to assess the whole picture?


It’s not enough to just compare 40-yard dash times. A 9-year-old 100-lb RB might show a blistering 40 time of 4.9. That's fast, but a 150-lb RB with a 4.9 displays a lot more power rumbling through a defensive line.


How can your combine scores and times translate to performance on the field?


The Champion Power Index provides that comprehensive assessment in one simple number.  


The Champion Power Index is a calculation of an athlete's power across all Y1ACT tests, adjusted for the athlete's weight. This lets us show the athlete's raw power as they complete the Y1ACT - not just their raw scores and is used as a cumulative metric of athleticism.


How do we calculate the Champion Power Index?


We compare each athlete's athletic performance vs. other athletes to their weight vs. other athletes to put them on a scale from 0 to 200. The higher the index, the better.


This calculation methodology is consistent with generally accepted interpretations of a Power Index in the sports world to compare top athletes, including participants in the NFL Combine.


Soon we'll be providing performance benchmarks on the average Power Index score across a variety of dimensions so that you know where you stand at your position, age and sport.


The Y1ACT Champion Power Index is one way Youth1 is bringing the methods and science the pros use to youth sports.


Check out the Champion Power Index on the Y1ACT Leaderboard here

Photo Credit: Youth1 Media - Copyright 2019 All rights reserved. Tristian Smith uses incredible power to move his frame off the starting line at the 40 yard dash at the NextGen Baltimore Elite Showcase on April 20th at the Gilmore School Complex.


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