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Register for The Youth1 Spotlight Showcase July 17th Gillette, New Jersey

The Youth1 Spotlight Showcase will be July 17th in Gillette, New Jersey. Register today and lock in your opportunity to compete with and against the top ranked athletes in the country.  To be the best you gotta compete with the best. Do you think you've got what it takes to compete with and against...

***BREAKING NEWS*** Introducing State Rankings for All Top Top Prospect Reports

Youth1 is naming top football players in EACH STATE this year! Didn’t make the national list for the Freshman450 (2024s), Elite101 (2024s), Sophomore Spotlight200 (2023s) or NextUp Watchlist (2026s...

***BREAKING NEWS*** Announcing the Freshman450 State Rankings

The Freshman450 is naming the top football players in EACH STATE for the class of 2024 this year. Didn’t make the national list for the Freshman450? That doesn’t mean that you’re not a great prospect...

The Elite101 is coming on Tuesday Nov. 17

Who is the No. 1 football player in the class of 2025? Who is No. 101? Who just missed the cut? All of these questions will be answered on Tuesday when we release this year's edition of the Elite101...

Freshman450 Athlete Spotlight Preview

The Freshman450 is here.  Youth1's Steve D'Elia and Ryan Oliver break down five of the 450 athletes in the country: Darius Curry, QB, California Rod Gainey, RB, Florida Jeremiah Beasley, RB, Michigan...

The Freshman450 for the class of 2024 is here!

Our votes are in and the Freshman450 is here! The Freshman450 is the country's first look at the top high school players in the country. Past nominees have included superstars like Trevor Lawrence (...

Richmond Braves Join ACES Nation

Richmond Braves Join ACES Nation

Youth1 Interview with 2024 WR James Madison II

2024 WR James Madison II sat down with Youth1 Football Director, Ryan Oliver, to discuss his success on the football field, being named to the Elite101, personal goals, and much more!

DE Tyler Gant is one of 2023's rising stars from the Midwest

2023 DE Tyler Gant updates Youth1 on his progress.