Y1ACT sponsored by Youth1 and Aces Nation coming to Indiana Elite FC | Youth1

Y1ACT sponsored by Youth1 and Aces Nation coming to Indiana Elite FC

The Y1ACT is headed to the Midwest.


Youth1 and Aces Nation are partnering to bring the nation’s marquee standardized athlete combine test for youth and high school athletes in the country to Indiana Elite FC.


The combine is slated for Jan. 15 from 5-8 p.m. at the Sparta Dome in Crown Point, Indiana.


Every athlete tested will receive a comprehensive report measuring their speed, agility, explosive core strength, overall athleticism or “Power Rating Index” score, along with various sport specific metrics.  


Once the data has been calculated and validated, the athlete’s results will be posted into a national database, then used to compare and rank the athletes within their age group and to other athletes participating in their sport.


Indiana Elite FC will have athletes from the U11 level all the way through seniors in high school participating.


Carol Podolak, Vice President of the board for Indiana Elite FC, explains why the organization pounced on the opportunity for their athletes.


“Anything is scary the first time you do it. Going to a college ID camp, going to a combine, a performance evaluation,” Podolak said. “But if it’s something that you’re used to and you learn how to set your own personal goals and strive to better yourself, when it comes time for these kids to go out and be evaluated by college coaches they can perform their best because the fear of the unknown is gone. That’s really the purpose of the event.”


Aces Nation founder Tim Livingston is proud to provide a barometer for youth athletes to accurately assess themselves.


“The benefit for the players is that it gives them the chance to accurately measure their athletic and soccer-specific skills, improve their development by modifying their training to address their deficiencies and to be able to showcase their results to provide college coaches with validated, third-party verified performance stats,” Livingston said.


Players are pumped for the chance to strut their skills.


“The event is great example of the help they offer me. The event will help me prepare for what a college combine event will expect,” High school senior Danny Salazar said. “It help will help me evaluate my performance and see my results and what I would need to work on. None of this would be possible without the help of Indiana Elite FC and its staff.”


Indiana Elite FC President and Boys DOC Novi Marojevic is excited to soak in some knowledge from a coaching standpoint.


“We are looking to learn and see different approaches and philosophies from other people,”  Marojevic said. “This will help us to see what we are missing on our side and learn how to improve some aspects of the game to be able to help young athletes to move on to the next level. We are excited to work with people who are amazing and have expertise in this kind of training.”


Indiana Elite FC is a first-class organization that goes above and beyond for their athletes academically and athletically.


The Y1ACT is a clear example of their commitment to excellence.


“I am proud to be associated with Indiana Elite FC because they care more about building champions than they do winning championships, and I am thrilled to be able provide their players the chance to be able to showcase their talents with this Y1ACT event,” Livingston said.



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