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Kennett youth soccer team rallies around player after brain aneurysm



A Kennett, Missouri boy is in the hospital for a brain aneurysm, and now the community - especially his soccer team - are rallying behind him.11-year-old Calib Book's life changed on Friday, October 28."They tried to wake him up one morning and he wouldn't wake up," teammate Isaiah Kenner said.

Doctors discovered that Book had a brain aneurysm and two strokes. He was rushed to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis.

"Calib is one of our midfielders, he's a good soccer player. Good strong kid," soccer coach Dustin Harris said. Harris said the Kennett Super Kixx miss their teammate.

"He's kind of like a family to us, and he's like one of our best players," Peyton Lewis of Kennett said.

"He is one of our very best friends," Carter Shewmaker, also of Kennett, said.

"He's one of the closest people to us," Kenner said.

The team is wearing number fifteen on their wrist to honor Book in a movement they are calling "Book Strong."

"That we're still his team,: Harris said. "We're still his support, and we want to show that we still love him, and that Kennett loves him."

The community raised money for the family through fundraisers and a costume event on Halloween. "It was a reminder for these kids that even though we're battling here he's still our teammate battling what he's doing there at Le Bonheur," Harris said. Something his teammates understand is important.

"We can represent him, and make him happy maybe whenever he gets back," Shewmaker said.

But he was there in spirit with his jersey displayed on the bench.

"We wanted to show the jersey to represent the kids on the bench that he's still with us," Harris said. Because it's more than just a team, but a bond they say is unbreakable. "He's here with us – regardless," Harris said. 'He's doing his fight, we're going to fight with him just the same way."

"He's battling so hard in there, so we've got to battle hard here," Shewmaker said.

From Calib's hospital bed that fight does not go unnoticed.

Calib's mother Tabitha Flood saID in a statement that she can't thank everyone enough for their support, and knowing there are so many people in his corner makes the process a little easier.

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