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Best upcoming youth soccer tournaments in the Western Region

2017 Norcal Cup

The Norcal Cup is one of the largest youth soccer tournaments in California and all of the Western Region. Despite only fielding boys and girls teams in the U11 to to U13 age groups, last year 856 teams competed in the tournament based in Northern California. This year the tournament begins on August, 1st, and last the entire season all the way to February when the finals will be played.


City of Las Vegas  Mayor’s Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament 2017

As its name suggest, the 2017 Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup takes place in Las Vegas and is set to begin on October 27th. Boys and girls teams in the U8 to U16 age group from around the nation are joined by upwards of 40 international teams in the Nevada desert to take part in ninth ranked youth soccer tournament in the country.

Last year, under the supervision of tournament director Sherry Alexander, the Las Vegas Mayor’s cup hosted 457 different teams including numerous state champions and a number of teams that were ranked number one in the nation for their respective divisions.


Surf Cup

The Surf Cup is one of the most competitive tournaments in the entire country. Each year the teams between the ages of nine and nineteen from around the country and and around the globe conveen in San Diego to compete in the coveted tournament. Over 800 teams competed last year. Out of those 808 teams the boys and girls divisions combined for 130 State Championships, 25 Regional Championships, and 5 National Championships.

Stockton Monarcas FC Champions Cup

Last year 256 teams competed in the Stockton monarcas FC Champions Cup at the Manteca Woodward Complex AND Mistlin Complex in Ripon, CA Manteca Woodward Complex AND Mistlin Complex in Ripon, CA. Of the 256 teams in the boys U11 to U19 divisions and the girls U12 to U19 divisions that competed in last seasons tournaments five were state champions. This year the tournament will take place on the 23rd and 24th of September.


2017 Arsenal Challenge

The Arsenal Challenge tournament begins on October 6th and plays host to the top youth team in Arizona on Columbus Day Weekend.  This year the tournament headquarters has been relocated to Mesa, AZ after previously being in the town of Gilbert. Jonathan Berzins, the tournament director, looks to continue last year’s  tradition of hosting more than 20 State Champion teams.


2017 United Cup

The United Cup is played all over South Orange County, California each year. Last year the tournament played host to 321 boys and girls team in the U11 to U19 age group, including 9 State Champions and 4 Regional Champions.


West Coast Futbol Classic

The 2017 West Coast Futbol Classic will be played on August 12th and 13th in Irvine, California. 637 teams boys and girls teams between the U11 to U19 age groups played in the tournament last year. Teams that compete in the West Coast Futbol Classic are primarily from California and surrounding states in the Western Region, but 12 teams traveled from outside the United States to play last year. Six teams of the teams that competed last year were State Champions and one was the Champion of the Western Region.


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