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Top youth soccer tournaments in the northeast

Youth soccer teams in Region 1, the eastern region, are about to enter one of the busiest times of the year for tournament play. Teams are competing in top level summer tournaments and showcases as they prepare for the fall season. The fall season contains Labor Day and Columbus Day, two of the busiest youth soccer weekends in the nation. Here are the top upcoming youth soccer tournaments for the summer and fall in Region 1.


Lou Ramos Classic (Boys Weekend)

The Lou Ramos Classic is a top level Labor Day Weekend tournament sponsored by Lehigh Valley United, a Pennsylvania youth team. Centered in Allentown, PA, like many other top youth soccer tournaments, the competition is set to kick off on the first of September.

Andrew Adlard, the director of the tournament, helped the Lou Ramos Classic become the 10th ranked youth soccer tournament in the nation last year for U11 to U15 boys.


2017 EDP Open Cup


The EDP Open Cup is one of many top level tournaments hosted by the Early Development Program, one of the premier names in youth soccer. The tournament will begin on Sept. 30th in Hammonton, NJ and is open to boys and girls teams in the U11 to U19 age group.

In 2016 the EDP Open Cup was directed by Ashley Wells. Wells helped field 871 teams, including 18 state champion boys teams and 7 state champion girls teams.


Spirit United Kickoff Classic

The Spirit United Kickoff Classic is the second largest soccer tournament in all of Pennsylvania. Teams in the U9 to U16 age group gather in Downingtown, PA to compete in the tournament that played host to 450 teams from across the country last year.

The boys tournament begins on August 19th, while the girls tournament will be held the following weekend. Joe Levan, the tournament director, says the two weekend format allows each team the chance to play as often as possible.


2017 Olney Boys and Girls Community Capital Cup

The OBGC Capital Cup is a Labor Day Weekend tournament beginning on September second in Olney, Maryland. Boys and Girls teams ranging from U11 to U19 compete in the tournament supervised by OGBC President Michael Libber and Tournament Director Cody Pearson.

Last year the tournament played host to eleven boys teams who were crowned State Champions that year, eleven girls teams that held the same honor, and two additional boys teams that won National Championships.


FC Stars Cup

The 2017 FC Stars Cup is one of the largest soccer tournaments in Massachusetts and will begin on the first weekend of September. Last year 382 teams from around the country and 9 foreign teams took part in the competition directed by Tom Phillips.


This year the tournament will consist of boys and girls teams in the U9 to U14 divisions. The boys tournament will be played in Medway, MA and Taunton, MA and the girls tournament will be held in Lancaster, MA and Marlboro, MA.


EDP 2017 Fall Classic

EDP soccer will play host to another top level tournament on November, 11th in addition to the EDP Open Cup that is to be played in late September. The EDP Fall Classic played host to 368 teams last year and and is looking to grow this upcoming fall.

The tournament is open to boys and girls teams in all age groups, U8 to U19. The tournament is headquartered in Fort Dix, NJ but games will also be played in Bordentown and Pittsgrove, NJ as well.


2017 WAGS Rael Vodika Tournament

The Wags Rael Vodicka Tournament is the one of the most prestigious all girls tournament in the nation. The tournament is presented by the National Soccer Coaches of America Association and Under Armour. 481 teams in the U11 and U19 age groups competed in 2016 WAGS Tournament in Fairfax, VA last year. These 481 teams combined for an astounding 44 State Championships last year.


NEFC Fall Kickoff


The 2017 NEFC Kickoff will kickoff on August, 25th, in Lancaster, MA. Close to 250 boys and girls teams between the U11 and U16 competed for the championship last year and the tournament will field even more teams this coming August.


STA Fall Kickoff 2017

The STA Fall Kickoff attracts some of the highest ranked teams from NJ, PA, NY, CT, MD, VA and the rest of the nation. Relative to the other tournaments on the list the STA Fall Kickoff is small. Sonesoccer Training Academy limits the number of teams in the tournament to ensure only the most competitive and highest ranked teams from Region 1 take part.  Last year 121 teams in the U11 to U15 went head to head on fields around Morris County in search of the top spot in the tournament.


39th Annual East Meadow Soccer Tournament

The East Meadow Soccer Tournament is played by both boys and girls teams between the ages of nine and eleven. A total of 294 teams played in the tournament last year, centered in Nassau County, NY. The girls portion of this tournament is slightly more competitive than the boys. Three State Champion girls teams and two State Champion boys teams competed last year.


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