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2025 LB Tyler Houser College Offers Update

Here at Youth1 we enjoy celebrating the best in youth sports. What makes our platform special is the ability to help athletes gain national exposure for their talent on the field.We love to hear when our members and athletes we cover accomplish their goal of receiving a college offer. With that...

Youth1 Member 2025 ATH Josh Robinson College Offers Update

2025 ATH Josh Robinson has earned 5 D1 offers so far.

Youth1 Alum 2024 QB Luke Knight earns D1 offer from Toledo

2024 QB Luke Knight has built a reputation for himself as one of the elite QB in his class. We've been honored to cover Luke since his youth football days here at Youth1. It comes at no surprise that...

2025 QB Luke Carney receives 2nd offer from Toledo

2025 QB Luke Carney recently received his 2nd offer from Toledo.

Top 5 Youth1 Members with the highest NIL valuations

Even with March Madness underway, the NIL is still the buzz of the college and high school sports world. There athletes with valuations of hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars who haven't...

Youth1 Member 2026 OL JJ Sparks College Offer Update

2026 OL JJ Sparks college offer update.

Youth1 Member 2028 ATH Andre Watson Jr. College Offers Update

2028 ATH Andre Watson Jr. has 4 D1 offers!

The Freshman450 for the Class of 2026 is OUT NOW!

Our annual Freshman450 is officially released! This year's edition features the talented 2026 class.

Youth1's Sophomore Spotlight 200 is Out Now

Youth1 Media is proud to release our 3rd edition of the Sophomore Spotlight 200! This year's edition features the talented athletes from the 2025 class.