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Tier 1 USA Hockey Nationals Girls 19U Preview

Tier 1 Girls USA Hockey Nationals are set to start on April 4th in Irvine, California for all 3 age groups. USA Hockey has just released the Pools for the Girls 14U, 16U, and 19U divisions for the national tournament. Each team will play three round robin games, with the top team in each pool advancing to the semi-finals. One bad loss in round robin play can really put you in a hole for trying to advance to the semis. Over the next few days we will break down the divisions for you and give our predictions. Today we are going to take a look at the Girls 19U Division.



19U Pools:

USA Pool

#1 Shattuck St. Mary’s

#7 Selects at BK

#45 Anaheim Lady Ducks

#11 Mid Fairfield Stars

Olympic Pool

#10 Detroit Honeybaked

#2 Boston Jr. Eagles

#36 Culver Academy

#15 NJ Colonials

NHL Pool

#3 Chicago Mission

#9 CT Polar Bears

#14 Team North Dakota

#23 San Jose Jr. Sharks

Liberty Pool

#25 Dallas Stars Elite

#8 East Coast Wizards

#4 Belle Tire

#21 Washington Pride

By the Numbers:

Average Rank of Pools

USA- 16

Olympic- 15.75

NHL- 12.25

Liberty- 14.5

Combined Record of Pools

USA- 91-38-12

Olympic- 97-39-10

NHL- 103-33-12

Liberty- 109-74-11

Pool Record vs Other Teams at Nationals

USA- 15-15-2

Olympic- 11-9-3

NHL- 14-12-1

Liberty- 11-13-3

Avg. GF per Game/GA per Game

USA- 3.74/1.96

Olympic- 2.92/1.32

NHL- 3.72/1.45

Liberty- 2.79/2.26

This division is extremely top heavy this year as the top teams have separated themselves from the pack. Don’t be surprised to see some round robin game blowouts. Shattuck St. Mary’s, the #1 team in the country at 42-2-2 and the #2 Boston Jr. Eagles at 26-0 are the heavy favorites. The USA Pool seems to be the ‘Pool of death’ having 3 of the top 11 teams in the country in it. The Olympic Pool games should all be great games as the teams in this pool have the lowest GA/gm avg., goals will be tough to come by. Get ready for end-to-end action with great goaltending. On the contrary the NHL Pool teams are all high scoring and also don’t give up a whole lot, so it will be interesting which teams can shut the opposition down.

Pool Winner Predictions

USA- Shattuck St. Mary’s

Olympic- Boston Jr. Eagles

NHL- Chicago Mission

Liberty- East Coast Wizards

National Champion Prediction

Boston Jr. Eagles

Best of luck to all of the Girls 19U teams participating!


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