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Alex Syring: Ohio Hockey Star Setting Own Path

(Youth1) - It was a season to remember for Alex Syring of the Toledo Cherokee hockey team. The 14-year-old from Sylvania, Ohio played a key role in the success of a team that won the state tournament and finished in the top eight in the nation.Alex_Syring


Using his outstanding speed, skill and determination, Syring finished among the top five point-scorers on his team, enjoying every minute of another memorable season.


"This was a season I’ll never forget," said Syring. "It was the most explosive season I’ve ever had - I scored the most points of my career this season and we went to nationals."


It's safe to say the sport of hockey is in his blood - literally. His father Scott played two years at Ferris State and two years at Ohio State. But there's no pressure for the younger Syring to continue in his father's footsteps. Syring is setting his own path and has a passion and desire to play hockey for a long, long time. He's been playing hockey since the age of five and lives for the sport, especially the anticipation, the excitement and thrill of preparing for and playing in games. Syring loves the competition and chance to be the best and compete against the best.


"It’s the best feeling," said Syring. "I always get goose bumps (before we play). It's the best sport in the world and it’s amazing the feeling (I get). I love this sport and wouldn’t take it back for anything."


Syring is a strong student and has between a 3.0 and 3.5 GPA. He enjoys hanging out with friends, going to his family's lake home and cheers for the Detroit Red Wings. But when it is all said and done, there's nothing he'd rather do than play hockey. He hopes to go as far as he can in the sport and dreams of playing in college and professionally. He's attended the Michigan Wolverines camp and was chosen to play with the MID-AM selects. When not practicing he runs and rides bike, always working on improving his endurance, strength and skills. That's why his favorite mottos are


  • Hard Work will pay off
  • Work as your in second place and first place will come to you
  • Someone else out there is working harder then you and always trying to get better so you have to be working just as hard or harder every chance you get


It's obvious Syring is working hard every chance he gets - and enjoying a game he truly loves to play.


"I have hockey in my heart all day and all night."



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By Matt Krumrie

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