Youth1 Spotlight: Class of 2025 DB Geoffrey Galloway | Youth1

Youth1 Spotlight: Class of 2025 DB Geoffrey Galloway

Youth1 recently caught up with Geoffrey Galloway, a defensive back from New York. Galloway, a 170-pound cornerback, is entering his junior year at Iona Prep High School in New York and stands at 5-foot-11. He saw most of his playing time on the junior varsity team, but was given some varsity time later in the 2022 season. Galloway has been using his offseason to get ready for his junior year and make a name for himself in front of college coaches..

He attended many camps in the past few months, including NextGen All-America, Best of New England, Penn State, Rutgers, UConn, Central Florida, Maryland, Auburn, Notre Dame, the Elite V, and Fordham. "I love competition," Galloway said. “Going to different camps across the country really allowed me to see all types of wide receivers and let me know I can compete and dominate at a high level.” He told Youth1 that he was able to get some feedback from the college coaches regarding how they view him as a prospect. “They like the fact that I have long arms, I’m good in 1-on-1 press coverage, and that I have big feet and hands.”

Galloway is a two-spot athlete who also participates in track-and-field. He says that he has has gotten “faster” and running track is a big reason for that. Galloway feels he has gotten better as a defensive back since the end of last season. “Focusing my eyes on my hips, moving my feet, and learning my responsibilities with zone coverage,” Galloway said when asked what parts of his game he has been working on since the end of last season. “I’ve also taken Krave Maga to become more violent with my hands when jamming a wide receiver.”

Galloway had the chance to get in-game reps since the majority of his 2022 reps were on the junior varsity level. He is shown in both zone and press-coverage situations in his film. With his length, Galloway can disrupt wide receivers at the line-of-scrimmage. In zone-coverage, he reads the quarterbacks’ eyes and plays with anticipation. This upcoming season, Galloway expects making a bigger difference in his team's defense.

“I want to get a lot of interceptions and more tackles.”


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