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Youth1 Live Evaluation: Jackson Mickens

Youth1 had an opportunity to check out one of Pennsylvania's top Class of 2028 athletes earlier this season. Jackson Mickens, a 6-foot, 195-pound prospect out of Pennsylvania, is one of the better defensive players I've come across on the youth level this season. He currently plays for two teams: Albert Gallatin Middle School and the Maryland Heat 13/U (specifically Da Mobb). We had an opportunity to watch Mickens in a game where he was playing for the Maryland Heat in a Battle Youth Tournament that was held in Virginia back in mid-August. His team defeated Brick City (NJ) by a large margin and Mickens was part of a Maryland Heat defense that made things very difficult for Brick City's offense. 

Mickens was a one-man wrecking crew against Brick City. He had a few sacks and several tackles. Jackson was impossible to block coming off the edge. There were a lot of times that he went unaccounted for due to Da Mobb's defensive scheme. That made it easier for Jackson to close in on the ball carrier on running plays or the quarterback on passing plays in a fast manner. He plays with a non-stop motor and with a lot of intensity. Youth1 recently spoke with Mickens and he had a lot of positive things to say about playing with Da Mobb. 

The experience (playing for Da Mobb) has been amazing," Mickens said. "I believe these intense situations and best competition have helped me the most." Mickens plays for one of the most prominent youth football league organizations on the East Coast and he gets to go against kids that make him step his game up. "It's been fun. Just having resistance makes me earn everything I get. I love it." 

Mickens also plays other positions but knows that defensive end is where he excels at the most right now. 

"I truly believe im the best defensive lineman in the country, it feels like art. Just perfecting my moves and figuring out what moves to use in certain situations is very challenging yet fun. It’s beautiful."


Right now, Mickens is a terror at the edge position. Once he gets into high school, I wouldn't be surprised to see him moved to linebacker and compete for varsity time as a freshman. He does a good job of maintaining pad level off the snap. Mickens has the quickness to get by offensive lineman but he also has the core strength to run through or power past them if needed. There's a lot of things that you can teach and coach, but the desire to dominate, play with controlled aggression, be relentless, and get after it every play as a defensive player has to be in you. Mickens has it. 



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