NextGen coaches will instruct the position specific training for the Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine | Youth1

NextGen coaches will instruct the position specific training for the Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine

Youth1 and NextGen are teaming up with The Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine to battle the Covid lockdown and bring top of the line football training to athletes across America. 


The Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine is the first combine that athletes take online that provides the same classroom guidance, combine drill training and position-specific coaching of an elite camp. 


The position specific coaching segment of the camp is going to be presented by Brent Wliliams and the NextGen coaching staff. 


“We’ve attended countless NextGen events over the past five years and have come to know the NextGen trainers as the best in the business,” said Youth1 President, Laura Petrillo. “Partnering with NextGen on the combine segment of the Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine ensures that participants receive the highest quality instruction across the board.”


NextGen operates the NextGen Regional camps and TheSHOW, the biggest youth football showcase in America, boasting over 2,500 D1 scholarship offers to athletes who have attend their camps. 


“We’re excited to partner with Youth1 for The Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine. and give an opportunity for exposure and training to athletes during this difficult time in our country,” said Brent Williams, Owner of NextGen. 


Youth1 has already released the classroom segment with tips for parents and athletes on how to navigate the recruiting process and make student athletes as recruitable as possible and the combine segment, with a walkthrough of the most important combine drills with a breakdown of the techniques required to give the best performance. 


Youth1 will also be awarding ten invitations to NextGen’s TheSHOW and opening up ten spots on their marquee top prospect reports, the Elite101, Freshman450 and NextUp Watchlists for athletes who register for the camp.


The Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine is open to athletes of any age. Register now at  



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