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Getting to know 6th grade Orlando FSG camp MVP Jamel Wiley

Jamel Wiley is one of the best players from the Orlando, FL area in the Class of 2024.


The 5-foot-9, 154-pound Wiley, who attends Lockhart Middle School, is a versatile player that works on both sides of the ball as an ATH.


Wiley has played for the Central Florida Saints and Orlando West Eagles.  


Wiley captured the 6th grade MVP at FSG’s Orlando camp.


Wiley is humbled for the opportunity to showcase his skills against some of the best of the best.


“It made me feel good about myself,” Wiley said. “I feel like I can still do way better but I’m honored that I was able to be picked MVP. It’s important to always practice because practice makes perfect. I think I did well at linebacker drills. I really enjoyed that part of the camp a lot. I want to work on my catching and I’ll do that my practicing.”


No matter the opponent, on each snap Wiley is determined to give it his all.


Wiley is going all out.


The motor is always at full throttle whenever Wiley steps between the lines.


“My mindset is always to do my best and get to the ball,” Wiley said. “I want to make the most of each chance I get on the field.”


Wiley has great passion and energy whenever he’s on the gridiron.


“What I love the most about playing football is making tackles, scoring touchdowns, meeting new people and being able to learn new things,” Wiley said.


Wiley has learned many valuable lessons from playing football that he applies to his everyday life.


“I’ve learned that in life you have to work as a team,” Wiley said. “Because you can’t do everything by yourself.


Wiley explains his best football memory.


“My favorite memory was breaking tackles and scoring,” Wiley said. “Because I can hear the parents screaming and hear my parents yelling.”


Wiley takes his role as one of the leaders on the team very seriously. Wiley makes sure he’s a daily positive influence on his peers.


“I try to be a good teammate by helping others, being a leader and being a role model,” Wiley said. “I tell my teammates to work together as a team and not argue because we are like a family.”


Wiley appreciates the role his coaches have served in his success.


“They made me a better player by practicing and doing drills and going over plays,” Wiley said. “They’ve made me a better person because they’ve taught me to work with new people and it gives me discipline.”


WIley patterns his style of play after this player.


“Le’Veon Bell because I would like to get as good as him,” Wiley said.


Wiley loves studying world history and dreams of being the next great Florida State player.


Wiley is excited about where the future will take him both as a player and a person.


“I want to go college to get my education, make it to the NFL and make my family proud of me,” Wiley said.



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