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Elite GA Showcase to bring Y1ACT to Atlanta, GA

Elite Talent Football Academy is a football organization focused on helping to mold athletes and develop their talents while making them become better men in the community.

On February 10th, Elite Talent Football Academy will be hosting their Elite GA Showcase for middle school aged athletes at Holy Innocents High School in Atlanta, GA.

"We prepare our students (athletes) through film study and a proprietary training system geared toward each athlete's specific position. We address and correct weaknesses, we prepare athletes for different game related scenarios, we implement specific workouts; speed and quickness drills that help them learn the craft of playing football and leads to better performance on the field," the organization's website says.

Along with workouts and speed drills, athletes participating in this event will also have the opportunity to participate in the Y1ACT. The Y1ACT is a universal combine test with standardized measurements across key athletic performance metrics.

Athletes attending the camp would be tested in the following drills:

  • 40 Yard Dash (10, 20 yard Splits)
  • 5/10/5 (Pro Agility)
  • 3 Cone (L-Drill)
  • Broad Jump
  • Vertical Jump
  • 225 Bench Press (185 Bench HS athletes)

The Elite GA Showcase is sure to be a outstanding event filled with talented young athletes.

If interested in participating in this event, please visit www.controlmysports.com/e/elitefootballac/Elite-GA-Showcase.

You may register for the Y1ACT portion only of this event at www.Youth1.com/signup/y1act/EliteGASHowcase.

Get $10 off regular Y1ACT pricing with early online registration and pay only $20.


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