Ed O'Brien's Q&A with Sophomore Spotlight 200 Selection Isaiah Marshall | Youth1

Ed O'Brien's Q&A with Sophomore Spotlight 200 Selection Isaiah Marshall

Authored by: Ed O'Brien, @EdOBrienCFB


Nowadays, it’s not too much of a surprise when you hear that an eighth grader has received a scholarship offer. However, hearing that a seventh grader has received a scholarship offer still raises eyebrows. That’s the situation that Michigan native and Class of 2024 quarterback Isaiah Marshall found himself in back in 2019 when the Michigan Wolverines because the first school to offer him. Fast-forward a couple of years and now Marshall, who is currently 6-foot, 199 pounds, holds several offers. Michigan, Cincinaati, Florida Atlantic, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse are among his reported offers. 

I had a chance to recently ask Marshall several questions about him both as a person and a football players.


Q: When did you start playing football.

Marshall: I started playing football when I was six. The thing that got me into football is my family. My whole family played football, so that got me into playing football. 


Q: What positions have you played on the football field?

Marshall: The position that I’ve played are safety and quarterback. 


Q: What are some things that you’ve learned from playing football that you apply to your life?

Marshall: The things that I’ve learn from playing football that I apply to my life are: being coachable, being consistent, not being selfish, and how to control myself. 


Q: What are some things that you worked on during the offseason to prepare yourself for this season?

Marshall: I’ve worked on being accurate (passing) with the football. I also worked on making plays outside of the pocket  and throwing off-balance.


Q: How is current season going so far?

Marshall: My season is going good right now. We are 2-1.


Q: How does it feel to get offers this early in your career and what are some things that you like so far about the recruiting process?

Marshall: I’m just blessed to get offers this early in my career. I like a recruiting process a lot. I like how you can go to games and visits. It’s just a cool process.


Q: What is your favorite subject in school?

Marshall: My favorite subject is science.


Q: What is your favorite hobby?

Marshall: My favorite hobby is playing football and playing the game. 


Q: If a college coach is reading this, what would be some of the reasons that he should recruit you to play at his school?

Marshall: I am a respectful man. I’m coachable. I’m a leader and I’m just a good person that brings positive vibes. I can make any play on the field that you need me to. 


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