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Class of 2022 FB/MLB Elias Velasquez is ready to make his impact

Class of 2022 athlete Elias Velasquez prides himself in his ability to be flexible in playing multiple positions on the field. For much of his young football career he has spent time playing offensive and defensive line, but now Velasquez is focused on playing two new positions.

"This year, I am going to play Fullback and Middle Linebacker," Velasquez told

Velasquez believes his ability and experience as a blocker from his days playing lineman will directly translate to success at fullback.

"Fullback is like a mobile lineman, I love blocking but since I have gotten faster I’m open to more positions. Middle Linebacker just helps me get better at hitting and reacting," Velasquez said.

Hard hits are a major part of the game and a part that Velasquez enjoys. Standing at 5'7 155 lbs., Velasquez plays the game with passions and grit. He’s a hard worker that uses his ability to grind out tough blocks and tackles to make an impact.

"I love the hitting and new coaches teaching me new things. So I can get better as a player," Velasquez said.

"I can read other players and their weakness. If I see a problem I adjust and fix it," he added.

The Florida native is a hard-nosed player who is working hard to improve his game.

"I personally train myself to get stronger faster. I study and learn the fundamentals of every position. I have learned that I’m more focused and discipline in the things I do," Velasquez said.

"Working on getting more speed, Reading holes, but I am a really fast learner."

Velasquez has been recognized for his abilities on the field as he was invited to participate in the D2 All American Bowl this coming January.

"I’ve been a three time East Coast Conference Championship Team and I have been on an All-American Football team," Velasquez said.

2022 athlete Elias Velasquez is a football player that is comfortable playing multiple positions on the field. As he transitions to playing Fullback and Middle Linebacker this upcoming season, look for Velasquez to make his impact felt for his team(s).


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