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BK Classic Recap and MVPs

Authored by: Ed O'Brien, @EdOBrienCFB

The 5th Annual BK Classic, which took place on Nov. 28, featured youth football players from grades 4th through 8th in showcase games. Youth1 was on hand to check out some of the talent during the sixth-grade, seventh-grade, and eighth-grade showcase games. All of the showcase games featured a Team Yellow and Team Green. Each team had two days of practice (Friday and Saturday) before gameday (Sunday).

Let's take a look at the the MVP’s of the day (chosen by the coaches) and the other players that we felt had performances that deserve recognition. 



LINEMAN: Jaden Chase (No. 46)


MVP: Michael Johnson (No. 40)

Michael Johnson made a few tackles, deflected a pass, ran the football, and caught the game-winning extra-point pass to give Team Green the 7-6 win. Jaden Chase had a strong showing on the defensive line as he made a few tackles for Team Green. Johnathan Redman (No. 3) forced a fumble that Elwood Rice (No. 33) eventually recovered. 



LINEMAN: Marquell Womack (No. 63)


MVP: Donte Lewis Jr. (No. 2)

Despite being under constant pressure all game, Donte Lewis was able to make a few plays with his legs and his arm for Team Yellow. Lewis threw a touchdown pass to Brody Redding (No. 23). Tylan Tylor (No. 21) made a few tackles for Team Yellow. Xavier Stockman (No. 40) had a good showing on defense with a few tackles. 




LINEMAN: Carmello Stewart (No. 24)

MVP: Cameron McClair (No. 4)

Despite being on the losing end of a lopsided game. Carmello Stewart stood out on the defensive side of the football. Stewart made several tackles in the backfield, forced a fumble, and was hard to stop coming off the edge. Tymir Williams (No. 25) made a few tackles and also scored the lone touchdown for Team Green on a running play. Anthony Rivera (No. 2) came up with an interception. 




LINEMAN: Dwayne Clark (No. 99)


MVP: Sebastian Williams (No 9)

Dwayne Clark was part of a talented offensive line that opened up holes and provided good pass-protection for Team Yellow. Sebastian Williams was the best quarterback prospect at the event. I was impressed with his pocket-presence, his ability to scan the field for open receivers, and his ability to make plays with his legs. Anthony Robinson Jr. (No. 34) made a strong case for MVP honors for his play on both the defensive and offensive side of the football. Robinson made a few tackles and scored a touchdown on a touchdown pass from Williams. He also scored on a touchdown run. Anthony Ausherman (No. 22) is another player who made plays on both sides of the football. Ausherman scored on a touchdown run. Jontai Quick (No. 10) had a couple of nice plays on offense.




LINEMAN: Chris Thompson (No. 54)

MVP: Malachi Briddell (No. 5)


Malachi Briddell was arguably the best playmaker at the event. Briddell displayed his speed on a few plays that included a long touchdown run that helped Team Green eventually win the game. Once they started to put the ball in his hands, Briddell was able to make things happen. Messiah Mickens (No. 9) might have been the best overall football player that I saw at the event. Defensively, Mickens was all over the field making tackles. Offensively, he had several runs of 15-plus yards that showcased both his power, agility, and speed. Mickens was not easy to bring down and gained a lot of yards despite facing a defense that was stacking the box. Elias Coke (No. 13) caught a few passes, including one for a touchdowns, and was in on several tackles. He’s a versatile athlete that just spent this past season playing quarterback for his high school’s freshman football team. Elijah Read (No. 2) intercepted a pass, provided good coverage, and was in on a couple tackles. Mick Torbica (No. 44) did a good job of blocking on the edge for Team Green that enabled their backs to get yardage on the outside. 



LINEMAN: Zachery Doreen (No. 58)


MVP: Ethan Sgrignoli (No. 41)

Ethan Sgrignoli was one of the top two-way performers during the whole weekend. Sgrignoli made a lot of tackles for Team Yellow against a very talented Team Green offense. He also provided a big spark on offense running the football. Sgrignoli scored on a long touchdown run which showed his ability to hit the hole fast and breakaway from defenders. Mont Bones (No. 15) made a few tackles and recovered a fumble. Trent McIntosh (No. 11) also made his presence known on defense with a few tackles. 



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