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Pops Report: FBU Austin

FBUAustin_Rotator(Youth1) – This past weekend at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock, Texas Football University (FBU) brought their total football experience to the Austin area.  The alumni of FBU Austin in years past reads like a future All-American list with such names as current Texas Longhorns Aaron Green and Malcolm Brown have both attended in recent years.  The camp saw more than 250 of the top youth and high school athletes in the area compete in a number of skills and drills in addition to classroom and film work.


Below are the standout players from FBU Austin:


FBU Austin March 23th-25th

Class of 2016


Trevor Speights (RB)


At FBU Austin Speights displayed what everybody already knew about him—he’s an athletically gifted player. Also a standout on the hardwood, Speights has all the tools necessary to be a great back on the next level with good hand eye coordination, great speed and exceptional change of direction ability.  Speights also has a ton of potential based off his current size, he’s on the leaner side now, but has the frame to put on a lot of muscle and become a hard runner to bring down.





Jacob Parrott (WR)


Parrot, who was a captain on the FBU Texas team who fell to Florida in the inaugural FBU National Championship Tournament last season, was a standout once again at FBU Austin.  A big, thick, physical player, Parrot showed that he could play both tight end and receiver this past weekend and proved to be a mismatch for many of the campers.  In the mold of former Penn State standout and NFL tight end Kyle Brady, Parrott proved to be an effective route runner, running an option route like a seasoned veteran.




Conner Kubes (LB)

Kubes plays an aggressive style of linebacker, but unlike most athletes at this level he also uses his intelligence.  He’s a heady player who is aware of his surroundings and because of his smarts play, is wise beyond his years in positioning and anticipation.  He was clearly the standout of all the players in the youth linebacker group and will be a player to watch on the next level.




Bailen Padilla (DB)


The Eastbay MVP of the youth defensive players, Padilla showed all the skills of a game changer in the secondary.  Padilla is a tall, long player who uses his size to his advantage and never shorts himself on any rep.  During 1-on-1’s and 7-on-7’s his competitive spirit really came through, as he seemed to take every play personal.  He’s a very athletic kid who uses his hips well to get in position and is one of the fastest closers on the ball in the country at this level.

Class of 2017


Mason Klinger (QB)


Just barely 13 years old, Klinger is a promising young quarterback who, because of his play at the Austin camp, was selected as a member of the FBU Texas team that will compete for the FBU National Championship in 2012-2013.Klinger had a brilliant season for the Round Rock White Tigers of the Central Texas Youth Football League, he scored 17 offensive touchdowns and both rushed and passed for 1,000 yards in nine league games.  Klinger throws a very strong and accurate ball, but can also beat opposing defenses with his legs.  His tight spiral and pinpoint accuracy really shined through during the 7-on-7 drills, as he masterfully picked apart the defense.



Kellen Mond (QB)


Mond was crowned co-Eastbay MVP of the youth offensive players at FBU Austin.  Mond is a tall, thin quarterback who can beat you with both his feet and his arm; he also doubles as an elite sprinter in track.  His passing is very accurate and he understands coverage’s very well for an athlete at this level, but his speed is what makes him such a dangerous commodity behind center. 




Gareth Singleton (RB)

A teammate of Kellen Mond during the regular season on the San Antonio Junior Rattlers,  Singleton was also crowned co-MVP at FBU Austin.  He is a short and compact runner that can beat you with speed and agility or run you over.  He has a very quick stop and start ability that helps him change direction with relative ease.




Zachary Gartin (WR)

Gartin was selected for the FBU National Team following a great camp at FBU Austin.  The Kileen, Texas native impressed scouts with his overall athletic ability.  Dawning #10 during the regular season for the Fort Hood Warriors, Gartin displayed his skill at quarterback and defensive back, wining his team’s MVP award, but this past weekend he showed what he can do as a receiver.   Standing 5’4 and weight 120 pounds, Gartin displayed great quickness and extremely crisp routes.





Zach Didomenco (DL)


Didomenco was a dominating force during defensive line drills at FBU Austin.  Arguably the best youth defensive lineman at the game, he used his nonstop motor and plethora of pass rush moves to beat opposing offensive lineman time and time again.  He has good size and above average strength for a lineman on this level but his hustle and attitude make up for any physical tools he lacks.  With continued coaching, he will turn into a good one.

Class of 2018


Clifton Logan (OL)



Logan, a well put together offensive lineman, is one that I can see leading the way for the 7th grade FBU National team in the FBU National Championship this season.  Logan has a lower center of gravity and knows how to use his leverage to drive defenders off the ball, easily creating holes for his back.  The Deer Park Middle School standout also has very quick feet for a player at his level and his agility is something to marvel at.  With his performance at FBU Austin, he was also given an invitation to Top Gun in Virginia, come July.  The scary part is…he could be even better on the defensive side of the ball. 




Honorable Mention Performances



FBSilhouette Armstrong.Trai FBSilhouette
Tyler Ciavarra (WR) 2016 Matthew Cade (DL) 2016 Trai Armstrong (DL) 2017     J.T. Woods (DB) 2018








Alan Popadines


"Devoted to youth sports"











Class of 2017

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