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2029’s Keston Beck blends tremendous athleticism with relentless drive

Keston Beck’s been balling since the age of 3 and the Class of 2029 stud from the Birmingham, AL area is definitely putting in the work to have a long, productive football career. 


Beck is a 3-foot-9, 79-pound athlete that plays running back, wide receiver and linebacker for the Huffman Canes. Beck racked up some impressive numbers last season, as he amassed over 1,200 yards while averaging two touchdowns a game. 



Beck recently attended the Magic City NFL camp to further improve his skills and challenge himself against top-notch competitors. 


While he’s striving for success at his age group, Beck lists his No. 1 goal for when he enters high school. It’s a lofty one but he insists he’s up for the challenge. 


“My goal for high school is to be one of the top players in my class. I want to win Mr. Football,” Beck said. “It’s a big goal but if I put in the work I know that I can do it.”


Beck also knows the importance of academics in high school. Grades can make or break one’s chances to play for high-level collegiate programs. 


“I want to maintain an overall good GPA to help further my chances of going to the college of my choice,” Beck said. 


As for down the road when considering potential collegiate fits, Beck has his sights set on these three Power 5 programs. 


“My top college choice are Alabama, Auburn, Clemson and Mississippi State,” Beck said. “All four schools have great football history and I would be honored to play at any of them.”


There’s plenty of athletes throughout the nation pushing for the same dreams. Beck explains what separates him from the pack. 


“I think my athletic ability and work ethic makes me special,” Beck said. “I have talent but I make sure that I work hard because there’s always someone out there that wants to take your spot. I think my mentality and drive to be great set me apart from others. I take football very seriously and I love playing the game.”


Beck outlines all the activities he does in his personal time to get better at his craft. 


“I do pushups and situps and jump rope,” Beck said. “I do cone drills and ladder drills in my front yard and then I go lift weights in the basement with my dad and big brother.”


Beck breaks down the parts of his game that he intends to improve. 


“I want to work on making people miss and running hard all the time and taking on blocks,” Beck said. “And becoming a better defensive player so I can be strong on both sides of the ball.”


Beck has overcome this personal challenge as he aspires to be his best self on the field. This growing maturity will serve Beck well as he continues to travel down his football path. 


“I have learned to not be so hard on myself,” Beck said. “I’m still young and my game still has room for mistakes and growth.”



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