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2028 DB Dwan Jarrett Jr. proves he's one of the best in his class

Class of 2028 athlete Dwan Jarrett Jr. has been very active on the camp circuit over the past several months and his efforts have paid off in a big way. Jarrett, a 5-foot-6, 145-pound athlete out of Virginia, plays both the quarterback and cornerback positions. It is his performances at the cornerback position that have earned him a lot of recognition over the past several months. Youth1 had an opportunity to see Jarrett at the All State Preps Middle School camp back in March. He was named one of the top defensive back performers at the camp. We then saw him a little bit over a month later at the Under Armour NextUp middle school camp in Baltimore where he again was named one of the top defensive back performers. Out of all the camps that Jarrett has been to during the offseason, the Under Amour Camp stands out to him. 

"My favorite camp was the Under Amour camp," Jarrett said. "Because, it gave me a lot of recognition." Make no mistake about it, Jarrett earned that recognition with a solid performance against some of the top middle school football players in the Northeast. He earned a selection to the 2024 Under Armour 8th Grade All-American game. According to Jarrett, recognition isn't the only thing that he has gotten out of his camp experiences. "It's (going to camps) helped me develop my game on both sides of the ball by the coaches (at the camp) teaching me things at a high school/college level."

Jarrett works with several trainers including his defensive backs coach Roc Carmichael. Virginia Tech football fans know the name very well. Carmichael was one of the best defensive backs to ever play for the Hokies. Carmichael also played several years in the NFL. Jarrett says he has improved as a defensive back and there's no doubt that Carmichael has been a big part of his development. "I've gotten better at being patient and being able to break on any kind of route," Jarrett said. 

One of Jarrett's family members, his cousin Rayjoun Pringle, is a wide receiver who currently plays football for Villanova. "I look up to my older cousin," Jarrett responded when asked if there was a current NFL or college football player that gives him inspiration. "His work ethic and desire to never give up inspires me."

With one more year left of football at the middle school level, Jarrett has set goals on the offensive and defensive side of the football for the upcoming season. 

"I want to break at least one of my middle school's records and lead my middle school to a better record."


I first saw Jarrett at the All State Preps Middle School Camp back in March and then again at the Under Armour camp in April. My evaluation is based on what I've seen from him at both of those camps. During the individual position drills at both events, you could tell that Jarrett was more advanced technique-wise than the majority of the other players in the group. Being coached up by one of the best in Roc Carmichael has certainly paid off for him with his development. He faced some good wide receivers at the All State Preps camp but the competition was raised another notch at the Under Amour camp. Jarrett rose to the occasion as he displayed his coverage skills in both man and zone coverages. Even if the wide receiver gets a step or two on him, he has the closing speed to make up ground and make a play on the ball. You see a lot of younger defensive backs panic and hold receivers during 1-on-1's. In both camps, I saw Jarrett rely on his technique, instincts, and patience in coverage. He also does a solid job of not giving away inside-leverage when pressing receivers on the line of scrimmage. Jarrett has earned his reputation as one of the top defensive backs to watch in his class. 



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