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2027 QB Stephen Gyermeh II is one of the DMV's rising stars

We recently released our Next Up Watchlist, which spotlights the rising talents around the country from the 7th grade. This list is brimming with future high school standouts, many who will go on to be D1 athletes.

Among the talented Quarterbacks to be named to our Next Up Watchlist is 2027 QB Stephen Gyermeh II, who is a budding young talent from the DMV.

The Upper Marlboro, MD native most recently played for the Walkdown Boyz and FBU 7th Maryland Metro, where he has been able to polish his QB skills. One thing I know about Gyermeh is that he's dedicated to his craft and determined to be the best QB he can be.

"My favorite part of playing football is the level of hard work and discipline that it requires which is something you need to be successful in life," Gyermeh told Youth.com.

"As a QB, being the leader of the team is something I enjoy a lot," he added.

Standing at 5'11" 160 lbs., Gyermeh shows real comfort making throws on the pocket and while on the move. As a lefty QB, Gyermeh throws the ball very well moving to his left. He can throw darts across the middle, as well as drop in deep balls with precision. He has confidence in his arm to deliver the ball where it needs to be, even if it's fitting the rock into a tight window. He shows great polish for a 7th grade QB, with sound mechanics and footwork.

Gyermeh is pleased with the progress he's made over the past season or so.

"I feel like I’ve been able to improve on many aspects of my game over the past couple of years from my ability to reading defenses, to my accuracy/ball placement, to making audibles," Gyermeh said.

When asked about his strengths Gyermeh said, "My football IQ and leadership are some of my best qualities."

Gyermeh is the type of athlete that's constantly looking for ways to improve his game. He's dedicated to his craft, and has identified some areas of his game he'd like to take to another level.

"My mobility is my weakness and needs improvement and I'll make sure to improve on it before I get to the next level," he said.

In his own words, some of his recent successes include "placing 3rd in the FBU National Tournament along with placing 4th in The Duel by QB Collective have been my greatest achievements so far in my career. Also, 2x FBU Northeast Regionals Champions. I have 2 7v7 Championships for 11U and 12U," he said.

The sky's the limit for Next Up Watchlist selectee Stephen Gyermeh II, with his level talent and dedication to his craft. His arm talent speaks for itself, but he believes it's his work-ethic that sets him apart.

2027 QB Stephen Gyermeh II is this week's Monday Morning Quarterback, check out that interview below.


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