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2027 QB Kahden Davis is ready for the next step of his football journey

There’s no question that New Jersey native Kahden Davis has made a name for himself both on the football field and on the camp circuit. Davis, a 6-foot, 205-pound quarterback in the 2027 recruiting class, has earned all the attention he’s received due to his performances during game, 7-on-7, and camp settings. We’ve had an opportunity to watch him perform at a few camps this year including the Under Armour Next Camp in Baltimore (April) and THESHOW by NXGN in Atlanta (June).  Davis also played in the Under Armour 8th Grade All-American Game and the National AYF All-Star Game. He also attended The Mega IV, an FBU Regional Camp, Prep Redzone camp, and the FBU Top Gun camp. Davis says THESHOW was his favorite when asked which camp he like the most. He was named MVP of the team he played on (Team Rage) in high school 7-on-7 division (Diamond).

“THESHOW by NXGN was my favorite event because of all the new people that I got to meet and compete with and against,” Davis said. “The coaches were great and made it not just about winning, but about getting better.” He had high praise for one of his coaches from the event.

“Coach Jake Thompson made it a great experience. I was proud to be one of the younger quarterbacks in the high school division and lead my team to a 3rd place finish.”

Davis also had high praise for the coaches from the UA All-American Game. “The Under Armour All American game was awesome too,” Davis said.  “The coaching staff was great and poured a lot into us. It was also fun just to be with other high-level athletes and not only compete but have fun. Under Armour treated us great and made us feel special. It was a great way to kick off 2023.”

Davis is no stranger to the camp circuit and feels that competing at these events has helped him as a football player in a few ways. “One, it’s helped with my recruiting and getting my name out there,” Davis said. “I always try to win MVP at every camp and leave a lasting impression at each one. It also gives me new tools to add to my tool belt from learning from all these different coaches with different experiences and teaching. It also is making me more social and less shy.”

Davis has shown himself to be a personable and confident quarterback who is eager to learn and is receptive to both instruction from coaches. He’s confidently working to get better as a quarterback and told Youth1 about some of the things he’s worked on to improve as a quarterback during the offseason.

“I’ve been working on going through my progressions a lot this off season as well as working on my quarterback footwork,” Davis said. “I feel that I have really improved on that a whole lot since the end of last season, and it shows in my accuracy and completion percentage. I also spent a lot of time on the mental side of the game with my QB coach. He has been working with me to make faster decisions and feel comfortable with whatever the defense is giving me.”

The quarterback coach that Davis is referring to is Madei Williams, who played quarterback for Syracuse (1997-2001). Williams, along with Tye Coleman (agility trainer) and Ronald Lubischer (strength trainer), are the people that he says are helping him become a better football player.

“These guys really push me a lot,” Davis said. “They give me motivational talks when I need them a kick in the pants when I need it too.”

With the off-season winding down and the 2023 football season approaching, Davis is now focused on his first year of high school football at Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey. Since graduating 8th grade, Davis has been attending OTA’s with the varsity team at Seton Hall Prep. He’ll be playing in New Jersey’s Big North Conference, one of the toughest in the nation. Davis has set some goals for the upcoming season but they’re not all based around getting playing time.

“One of my goals is to really be a sponge and learn from my (head) coach Bill Fitzgerald and the senior starting quarterback Liam Londergan,” Davis said. “My school plays in one of the toughest conferences in the country, so I want to be ready when my number is called.” It’s not often that freshman is considered for the varsity team in the Big North Conference. Davis is honored to have that opportunity and will do what it takes to be ready if needed.

“I’m going to make sure I’m game ready and I hope to get some reps this season. But I honestly want to learn as much as I can so that I can lead our team for the next three years.”


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