2025 QB Joseph Filardi plans to build on a successful sophomore year | Youth1

2025 QB Joseph Filardi plans to build on a successful sophomore year

The state of New York is sometimes slept on when it comes to college football recruiting. There's a lot of talent that sometimes goes unnoticed by college coaches. If you're an athlete in Long Island, it's probably twice as hard to get scouted by college coaches. Joseph Filardi, a 6-foot-0, 170-pound quarterback who attends Hills West High School in Long Island, had an impressive sophomore year during the 2022 season. He completed 130-of-212 passes for 2,028 yards, 32 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. Filardi also carried the football 79 times for 642 yards and three touchdowns. Since the end of the season, Filardi has spent time working on getting better from a quarterback and physical standpoint. 

"I've worked on my speed and my strength," Filardi said. "I've also been training with my quarterback coach, James Brady, to become an overall better quarterback." When asked what he thinks are his strengths are as a quarterback, Filardi mentioned a few things that were evident in his 2022 season highlight film. "My strengths are my ability to make quick decisions and get the ball out quick and my ability to be an athlete and extend the play. I'm also able to put the ball where it needs to be."

Filardi works mostly out of the shotgun. It's hard for pass-rushers to get pressure on him because he usually gets the ball out quick to his receivers. Filardi is able to quickly process what he sees from a defense pre-snap and that enables him to make those quick throws to open receivers. His 2022 rushing statistics tell you all you need to know about his mobility as a quarterback. Filardi doesn't shy away from the responsibility of being the go-to guy on offense. When asked what he likes the most about playing quarterback

Filardi is a true dual-threat talent that has received some interested from schools at the Division I level. During the off-season, he camped at Syracuse, Penn State, Villanova, Stony Brook, Monmouth, and Yale. Filardi says he has received positive feedback from some of the college coaches. 

"Coaches like the way I throw the football and my ability to extend the play," Filardi said. "I am not the biggest kid, but i make up for it with my quick decisions, IQ of the game, and my athleticism." It's worth noting that Filardi also plays lacrosse and plays it at a high-level. He is considered to be a four-star recruit in that sport. Filardi feels that playing lacrosse has helped him as a football player. "Lacrosse helps me with (both) my lateral movements (in football) and my stamina."

Filardi helped lead his high school football team to an 8-2 league record and was the top passer in the Long Island area. He's looking to take his game to another level this season. 

"My goals are to win the Long Island championship and lead Long Island in touchdowns passes for the second-straight year."

Youth1 Quick Thoughts on Filardi

Filardi had a strong sophomore year and I would expect him to continue to improve and put up similar, if not better, numbers than last year. As I mentioned above, he does a solid job of getting the ball out quickly. At the high school level, his ability to make plays with the football makes him even more dangerous. Filardi is a solid athlete who should get more attention if he's able to replicate or even exceed the success he experienced on the football field last season. 



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