2023 WR/DB Oluwakoleade Osinubi earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 WR/DB Oluwakoleade Osinubi earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

Belmont Hill School wide receiver/safety Oluwakoleade Osinubi is a player to look out for in the Avon, MA area.

The 6-foot, 170-pound Osinubi, who has been offered by UMass, is a member of the 2019 Youth1 Freshman450.

Osinubi is grateful to be selected for the prestigious national watch list.

“It feels awesome and I appreciate it so much,” Osinubi said. “It encourages me to continue working hard.”

Osinubi explains what being a part of the Freshman450 means to me.

“It says my game is on point. I have skill knowledge and speed and strength,” Osinubi said. “I’m a triple threat.”

Osinubi is a well-decorated athlete with many accolades, such as: USAF International Bowl U16 member, FBU Freshman All-American, MEF grades 6-8 All-Star team member, USAF eighth grade team member, freshman varsity player, ranked No. 1 by FBU Top Gun rank and Polynesian Bowl Combine invitee.

“I was the only freshman on my varsity team to hit the field. I was on special teams and made some big plays,” Osinubi said. “I have had several invites to showcases which I am excited about and can’t wait for the USAFIB and the FBU AA games.”

Osinubi is determined to do all he can to get on the radar of Division I programs.

“I received an offer from UMass Amherst this past summer as a rising freshman,” Osinubi said. “I look forward to other programs recognizing my football skills in the future.”

Osinubi breaks down the aspects he enjoys at each of his positions.

“The best part about being a WR is out-running everyone and taking the ball the ball to end zone,” Osinubi said. “Best part about being a safety is stopping my opponent, especially when they think they are in the clear and I come out of nowhere and stop them.”

Osinubi discusses the parts of his game that he uses to his advantage.

“My speed and agility are my top strengths,” Osinubi said. “My physical strength and speed makes it very hard to cover me.”

Osinubi relishes the opportunity to play football for a variety of reasons.

“My favorite part about playing football is being part of a team but also being able to be recognized for your individual strengths,” Osinubi said. “I love everything about football.”

Osinubi patterns his approach at wide receiver after this elite standout.

“I admire Julio Jones. He is my favorite player in the NFL,” Osinubi said. “Not only is he an All-Star but he is a team player.”

Osinubi outlines the upcoming plans on his agenda.

“I will be playing on an elite 7on7 team and attending college camps,” Osinubi said. “I will be at the Polynesian Combine in March and hope for an invite to The Opening.”

Osinubi refuses to settle for anything less than his best whenever he trains.

“I am working to improve my skills for my position every day. You never stop trying to improve,” Osinubi said. “I am going to continue to build muscle mass, try to beat my 40 time and increase my vertical.”

Osinubi is encouraged that he’s on an upward trajectory in his budding football career.

“I feel like I’m learning how to be a leader on the team. Being a freshman on the varsity team taught me patience,” Osinubi said.”I got to watch how the captains worked together win or lose. I am working hard on my skills to remain at the top of my class.”


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Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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