2023 QB Trey Shearer is one of North Carolina's rising stars | Youth1

2023 QB Trey Shearer is one of North Carolina's rising stars

The 2023 class is brimming with talent, especially at the Quarterback position. Among the tantalizing talents on the rise is 2023 QB Trey Shearer, who is making a name for himself for his ability on the football field.

With his mobility, size, and solid throwing arm, Shearer is quickly becoming a rising talent in the North Carolina area worth keeping an eye on.

"My favorite part of football is playing the best game of all time with my friends," Shearer told Youth1.com.

Standing at 6'0" 160 lbs., Shearer is outstanding at using his athleticism to his advantage on the football field. He throws the ball remarkably well on the move. He can roll out to both his left and right and deliver an accurate strike, which is an impressive ability for youth QB.

"I feel my foot work is much better than most of my opponents giving me the ability to make a quick move or get around someone," Shearer said of his strengths on the field.

Shearer's ability to evade pressure while keeping his eyes downfield, gives him the ability to make tough throws to keep the drive going for his offense. Give Shearer time in the pocket and he'll find his receiver with a pinpoint pass. 

"I enjoy touching the ball every play and being able to cause something to happen," Shearer said of playing QB.

His mobility allows him to make plays with his legs once the play breaks down. Shearer shines on designed runs which have allowed him to have major success on the field.

"This season our JV high school team went 9-1 with me leading the team in rushing yards (1,023) and rushing TDs (17). I also threw for 535 yards and 10 TDs this season," Shearer said of his recent successes.

Asked about his progression, the Claremont, NC native was quick to mention how he uses his quickness to his advantage.

"I think my first step helps my quickness and helps me get around my opponents quickly but I feel I need to work on top speeds and progressing from those speeds," Shearer said. 

"There was a big jump in the level of competition from middle school to high school, but I by far had the best season I ever had. I hope to increase the level of competition I face again next year and make the varsity team as a sophomore," he added.

As he works to take his game to the next level, Shearer has identified some areas of his game he's striving to improve.

"I’m working to improve my throwing ability in the pocket and working on increasing my speed," Shearer said.

2023 QB Trey Shearer is a rising talent from North Carolina. He's dedicated to the game and working to become the best leader he can be for his team.

"I'm going to work on becoming a better leader and be able to lead a full team instead of just an offense."



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