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2023 DB LaCory Walker Jr. nabs spot on Youth1's Freshman450

LaCory Walker Jr. continues to prove himself as one of the top Class of 2023 players in nation. The 5-foot-9, 140-pound Walker Jr., who attends Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Florida, has been selected to the 2019 Youth1 Freshman450 list.

Walker Jr., who plays cornerback and free safety, is honored to earn a spot on the prestigious list.

“It’s really a great feeling to be recognized as one of the top athletes in my graduating class,” Walker Jr. said. “This made feel like all the hard work I put in is starting to pay off.”

Walker Jr. discusses how making the Freshman450 is a major sign and further validation that he’s on the right track in his development.

“It says that my game is a game of hard work and dedication,” Walker Jr. said.

This is the dynamic Walker Jr.’s latest accomplishment in his career.

“This summer I was awarded the Max Starks Built Ford Tough Football Camp MVP,” Walker Jr. said. “I also played on the Rat Pak 7-on-7 14U that finished ranked third in the state.”

Walker Jr. shows plenty of passion on the gridiron. Walker Jr. shares what he enjoys the most about the game of football.

“My favorite part about playing football is competing, and seeing the growth of my game,” Walker Jr. said.

Walker Jr. breaks down what he likes about playing each of his positions.

“When I play CB, I enjoy playing one on one, I’m physical and always up for the challenge of guarding a receiver,” Walker Jr. said. “When I play FS, I enjoy coming down making the tackles.”

Walker Jr. explains the best aspects of his game.

“My physicality, my ability to make open field tackles, and my football IQ,” Walker Jr. said.

Walker Jr. models his mentality and technique after these three defensive standouts. Each of them offers something unique that Walker Jr. attempts to implement into his game.

“There’s three of them. Richard Sherman, Deion Sanders, and I also liked the way Sean Taylor played,” Walker Jr. said. “Richard Sherman is smart, Deion Sanders was fast and flashy, and Sean Taylor was very physical. I try to play like all three.”

Walker Jr. believes he’s made significant strides on the field and is proud of how far he’s come as an athlete.

“I think I’m progressing fast as a football player,” Walker Jr. said.

Walker Jr. outlines his upcoming plans on tap for the future.

“I’ll be participating in 7-on-7 this spring. My dad has a couple of camps lined up this year and I’ve also been invited to play in the 2019 NUC All American Football Game in late December,” Walker Jr. said. “I’ll be preparing by continuing to grind and get better at my respected positions.”

Walker Jr. is motivated to keep grinding and sharpening his skill set for the next level.

“I’m working on my foot work and explosiveness,” Walker Jr. said. “Also, my strength, my speed and agility, and studying my opponents.”



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Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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