2022 QB Tyler Baker is one of New York's rising young football players | Youth1

2022 QB Tyler Baker is one of New York's rising young football players

Among the rising stars from the 2022 class is QB Tyler Baker. The 2022 class is littered with talent at the QB position and Baker is quietly making a name for himself as a talent on the rise.

"I love everything about football. I love the team atmosphere and competition in football most," Baker said.

The Lockport, New York native is a steady quarterback with ability to make big plays with his arm. He throws the ball with solid accuracy and knows how to quickly read the defense to locate an open receiver. Baker's ability to improvise is stellar. Once he feels pressure he can move within the pocket to make a throw. He's great at running outside the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield to find a receiver.

Standing at 5'11" 157 lbs., Baker's size allows him to see over the line and keeps his eyes downfield. Baker also shines on option plays and at making something out of nothing with his legs when a play breaks down.

His speed is among his best attributes, as he can breakaway for a big gain at any time. Baker boasts an impressive 4.78 40 time.

"I started playing QB when I was 6 and love everything about the position. I consider myself a leader and want the ball in my hands every play," Baker said.

"I am very fast and make quick decisions playing football. I am a leader and think I can lead high scoring offenses," he added.

Baker's play has earned him some impressive achievements through his young playing career. He's ranked #12 on QBHitList's 8th grade QB list and participated in FBU's Top Gun, to name a few.

Baker will be a part of one of the best high school football programs New York has the offer this fall. He's ready to continue his success on the field.

"I will be attending Canisius High School this fall and am very excited about it. Canisius is one of the best Football Schools in New York," Baker said.

"I have been attending workouts with the team already for months and am way ahead of most incoming freshman on understanding the playbook and what the coaches expect," he added.

As he prepares to take his game to the next level, Baker is working diligently to hone his craft. He's worked hard to improve his football IQ and his footwork.

"I am working on my mental approach to the game by spending a lot of time learning defenses, coverages, etc. I spend a ton of time on mechanics and footwork but have worked the most at the mental side," Baker said.

"I will be going into 9th grade so have several years to keep improving as a leader, and arm strength. My goal is to play D1 Football and I will work hard to achieve this," he added.

2022 QB Tyler Baker is a rising star in his class. He has a strong throwing arm, throws accurate balls, and can be a dual-threat with his ability to use his speed as a weapon. With high school ball quickly approaching he remains dedicated to becoming the best QB he can be.


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