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2022 LB/RB Carlos Cervantes named MVP at Under Armour All-American Camp

2022 LB/RB Carlos Cervantes has built a reputation as an elite youth football player coming out of the state of Georgia. The Marietta, GA native is a tough linebacker on defense and a playmaking running back on offense.

Cervantes continues to prove his mettle and those in youth football circles are taking notice. He was recently invited to participate in some of the nation's elite youth camps such as NextGen's invite-only camp, The Show.

Most importantly, Cervantes shines at these camps he attends. He's the type of athlete that plays with vigor and purpose, whether it's during live game action or during drills in practice.

He was recently awarded MVP at the Under Armour All-American Camp in Georgia.

"I felt proud and excited to be awarded MVP out of 100+ players. Winning this title made me feel like all of my hard work has paid off. And to be recognized for my skills and hard work from coaches and players gave me the incentive to continue my dedication to football," Cervantes said.

"I honestly didn’t expect to win due to other great talent, however I believe I performed the best I could which helped me earn this title," he added.

This experience allowed him to learn from some great coaches as he continues to grow as a young athlete. This is something that he truly enjoyed from the UA All-American Camp experience.

"The camp was a great educational experience to help me better my skills as a linebacker. Not only did I learn from former NFL coaches and players, but I also competed against other great athletes from around the state," Cervantes said.

"I performed to the best of my ability and showed out," he added.

Cervantes prides himself on his performance on the field. He's an impact player on both sides of the ball. His ability to provide versatility for his team is among his greatest attributes. No matter where he is on the field his love of the game shines through.

"I currently play Running Back and Linebacker. I enjoy every position on the field because as long as I’m playing, I enjoy the game. I can play any and all positions to the best of my ability and I will do whatever it takes for my team to win," Cervantes said.

Being named MVP of a camp the caliber of a UA All-American Camp is an impressive achievement for Cervantes. Winning this award speaks volumes to the type of player Cervantes has become and the type of player he can continue to progress into.

"It says that I deserve to be looked at and I’m at the top of all eighth grade players. Although I have a lot to improve on, this goes to show how hard I’ve been working to accomplish my dreams," Cervantes said of winning the MVP award.

Cervantes dedication to his craft is deserving of acknowledgement. He's constantly working to improve the nuances of his game. The 5'9" 180-pound linebacker has taken Youth1 Athletic Competency Test, or Y1ACT, 3 times and improved his scores each go-round. (Take a look at his scores, here).

It's this kind of dedication to his craft that has helped Cervantes leapfrog some of his peers and become one of 2022's rising stars.

"I’m constantly improving my techniques to play better on the field. I increasingly critique my play on the field at every game and practice I take part in. From the time I started playing to now, I have continued to strive for improvement and I still do. Every time I step onto the field, I strive to be better than I was yesterday," Cervantes said.

"I will always continue to work on my technique and work harder than anyone else. I continue to work with the mindset that there is always someone working as hard as me, so I have to push myself more," he added.

If winning the MVP award at the Under Armour All-American Camp tells us anything about 2022 LB/RB Carlos Cervantes, is that he's a talent to be reckoned with going forward. He's proving that his game is among the best in his class and it's time for the world to take notice.

As far as Carlos is concerned, he's just getting started.

"I believe my dedication has pushed me this far into my career, and I believe it will continue to push me into the future. I can also promise you that this is not the last huge title or award that I will accomplish. There will be many more in the future!" he said.


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