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2022 DE Collin Bell is a defensive stud on the rise

Talented defensive players make their impact felt on almost every snap. Whether they’re pressuring the quarterback, stuffing a run, or simply just clogging up the line of scrimmage, their impact is always felt.

Among these type of defensive studs from the Class of 2022 is Collin Bell of Belleville, Illinois. Standing at 5'6, 172 lbs., Bell is an athletic DE with quality instincts that allow him to sniff out plays before they can gain any traction. Once he makes his read, he quickly reacts which allows him to make a play.

"Currently, I play defensive end and defensive tackle," Bell said.

"I find delight in both of these positions because I am able to use my talent and technique to complete the task of stopping the player with the football."

Stopping the guy with the football is something that Bell specializes in. If you pop on Bell's highlights, you'll see his ability to lay the wood jump off the screen. He plays hard, never gives up on the play, and is rarely caught out of position.

Most importantly, Bell is a team first player that plays for his teammates above himself.

"My favorite part of playing football is the excitement when I get to step onto the turf. I enjoy working together with my teammates to achieve our common goal," Bell said.

Bell has recently participated in events that allowed him to compete against some of the nation's top youth football players.

"Recently I was selected for FBU Top Gun; the Under Armor All-American Camp series; U.S. National Team Development Game; and Diamond All-American Game," Bell said.

Competing in these types of events has aided Bell in improving his game. As he continues to push himself to get better, Bell credits his improvement on his ability to master his technique.

"I credit my improvements as a football player to the techniques that I have learned," Bell said.

"I think that technique is an important aspect in football. My techniques are evident when I overcome my offensive opponent."

With his eye on becoming the best version of himself as possible, 2022 DE Collin Bell is steadfast in his dedication to improving. He's working hard to get better regardless of who takes notice.

"My strengths on the field include: quick get-offs; great techniques; and a coachable attitude," Bell said.

"For the next level, I am looking forward to improve my footwork."


For more on Collin Bell, check out his Youth1 Player Profile --> here.


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