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Class of 2022 QB Chase Harrison uses football IQ and leadership to control the game

Quarterbacks are the head of the snake for every football team. It's the position with the most responsibility and there are a ton of nuances a QB must perfect in order to be successful. Quarterbacks must possess passion for the game and a mega desire to compete in order to elevate the play of their teammates.

Class of 2022 QB Chase Harrison serves as the head of the snake (and captain) of the Centerville Elks of Centerville, Ohio. The young OB loves to compete and is working hard to take his game to new heights.

"Football is the ultimate team sport. Everyone has to do their job to win," Harrison said.

Harrison is quietly making a name for himself. Standing at 6'2, 155 lbs., the Centerville, OH native has become quite the impressive quarterback especially considering he's only in the 7th grade. He has great size that allows him to see all over the field. Harrison has the ability to carve up a defense with ease if allowed to sit in the pocket. Harrison makes quick reads and has a great feel for the game. He's always under control.

"I can control the game since the ball is always in my hands," Harrison said.

Harrison is an orchestrator on the field. He can make all the throws and find the holes in the defense. While he thrives making throws inside the pocket, Harrison is great at throwing on the move, as he can rollout to both his right and left sides with comfort.

He shows an effortless nature when running the offense and let's his talent shine through. When asked about his strength's, Harrison noted his playmaking ability.

"Leadership, football IQ, and ability to make plays with my arm and feet," Harrison said.

It makes sense that the NFL quarterback that Harrison models his game after is a mobile quarterback with big time throwing ability.

"I model my game after Marcus Mariota. He makes plays with his arm, feet, and brain," Harrison said.

His game has garnered him some impressive achievements including, Football Hotbed All-American & Future 4 QB, NPFA National Prep All-American QB and Elite Recruit 300 All-American Watch List, to name a few.

Take a look at his impressive 2016 season stats as well.

Season Stats

Pass: NCAA QBR 192, 49 completions, 78 attempts (63% comp), 769 yards (9.9 yards/att) 11 TDs, 0 Ints

Rush: 54 attempts, 865 yards (16 yards/att), 11 TDs, 0 T/Os

Total: 1634 yards & 22 TDs, 204 yards & 2.75 TDs/game


While his stock is on the rise, Harrison is still looking for ways to improve. He has a goal of starting on his high school team as a freshman. With his talent that goal is definitely obtainable.

"My goal is to get better every year. I am training to get stronger and faster so I can start varsity as a Freshman QB," Harrison said.

"I am working to improve my footwork, accuracy and reading defenses."

With a demeanor that commands the respect of his peers and the talent to back it up, Chase Harrison is a notable QB from the Class of 2022 worth keeping tabs on. He has a strong arm, can make all the throws, shows great football IQ and has the work ethic to make it all come together.


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