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Nike SPARQ Miami Results


The second Nike SPARQ combine of the weekend took place this Sunday at North Miami Stadium as over 1,500 athletes took the field to test their athletic ability and combine skills.  Southern Florida is known as a hotbed for football talent and the 2018 and 2019 classes did not disappoint.  Athletes performed well, putting up some of the best scores of the SPARQ combine series to date this year.

Finishing with the top Nike SPARQ Rating was 2018 running back Shannardo Houston of North Miami with a 69.03.  That score, which places him 2nd nationally for youth SPARQ rating, was turned in with a great overall performance.  Houston's results included the 2nd fastest time in the 40-yard dash with a 4.65 and the farthest power ball toss at the combine with 34 feet, displaying his natural combination of speed and power.

Finishing only tenths of a point behind Houston was Demarcus Townsend who finished with a rating of 68.94.  Townsend, who we covered a few months ago, finished in the top five of every combine drill with the exception of the shuttle.  Townsend, who was selected as an Eastbay Youth All-American before an injury prohibited him from playing in the game, finished third in the 40-yard dash with a 4.72 and second in the power ball throw with 33 feet.  Most impressively, he finished with the best vertical jump in the youth group with a jump of 33.7 inches.

In third place with a rating of 61.5 was wide receiver Terrence Horne.  Horne, who is no stranger to the national stage, showed off his best asset this weekend by running the fourth fastest shuttle time with a 4.57 and the fastest 40-yard dash time of 4.61.  His 4.61 forty time is currently the fastest time of any youth athlete to come through the Nike SPARQ combine this year to date.

Rounding out the top five are quarterback Tyrese Jackson who earned a 55.86 SPARQ rating and wide receiver Tyson Campbell who earned a 52.98 on the day.  Jackson earned that rating with the third fastest shuttle time (4.53) and a vertical jump of 33.6, that was only .1 behind the leader.  Campbell, a big bodied receiver, made his biggest splash in the vertical jump where he finished fourth with a jump of 30.6.

With the top five scores going to 2018 athletes, 2019 running back James Cook also made some noise at the combine by earning a 2019 class-best 49.68 SPARQ rating.  Cook is a big, physical running back at 5’10 and 165 pounds and showed a special combination of speed with the top 40-yard time with 4.91 and best power ball toss with 31 feet.

Shannardo Houston
Demarcus Townsend
Terrence Horne
Tyrese Jackson
Tyson Campbell
James Cook


SPARQ Ratings

1. RB Shannardo Houston (Florida), 2018 – 69.03

2. RB Demarcus Townsend (Florida), 2018 – 68.94

3. WR Terrence Horne (Florida), 2018 – 61.5

4. QB Tyrese Jackson (Florida), 2018 – 55.86

5. WR Tyson Campbell (Florida), 2018 – 52.98


40 Yard Dash

1. WR Terrence Horne (Florida), 2018 – 4.61

2. RB Shannardo Houston (Florida), 2018 – 4.65

3. RB Demarcus Townsend (Florida), 2018 – 4.72

4. DB Shaun Shivers (Florida), 2018 – 4.8

5. WR Zahir Turner (Florida), 2018 – 4.84


20-Yard Shuttle

1. DB Jaiquan Brinson (Florida), 2018 – 4.35

2. RB Derek Atwater (Florida), 2019 – 4.47

3. QB Tyrese Jackson (Florida), 2018 – 4.53

4. WR Terrence Horne (Florida), 2018 – 4.57

T4. WR Derek Sobel (Florida), 2018 – 4.57


Power Ball Throw

1. RB Shannardo Houston (Florida), 2018 – 34

2. RB Demarcus Townsend (Florida), 2018 – 33

3. Five tied with 31

4. Six tied with 30

5. Five tied with 29

Vertical Jump

1. RB Demarcus Townsend (Florida), 2018 – 33.7

2. QB Tyrese Jackson (Florida), 2018 – 33.6

3. DB Eric Hoff (Florida), 2018 – 30.9

4. WR Tyson Campbell (Florida), 2018 – 30.6

5. LB Arthur Brathwaite (Florida), 2018 – 29.9


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