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The ultimate guide to the new youth bat standards

As of January 1st, 2018 youth baseball guidelines and regulations will be changed.

The new USA Baseball bat standard, or USABat, will allow youth baseball organizations to reach their goal of wood-like bat performance. Exposing kids to bats with a more wood-like performance will help sharpen young hitters skills at an earlier age. Everybody involved in the game of baseball knows the difference between aluminum and wooden bats are substantial, at some point in their careers these young ball players will have to make the switch, this change will make that transition easier.   

Popular leagues and organizations such as Little League, Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball and American Amateur Baseball Congress will all require these new bats in 2018.

However, USSSA Youth Baseball will not be implementing this rule change to the new bats, 14-year olds and younger will be able to use new and old bats in USSSA sanctioned tournaments and events.

In addition to the new bat standard, the above leagues will now allow 2 5/8″ barrel bats to be used in competitive play, provided they meet USABat regulations.

While these new regulations may seem confusing and inconsistent, they are ultimately put in place for safety and overall improvement of the game.

Below are some of the best bats on the market that meet the new USA Baseball bat standard!


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Easton Ghost X Hyperlite USA Youth Bat 2018

Ideal for younger players learning the game, the 2018 Easton® Ghost X Hyperlite has an advanced composite composition that provides good pop off the extended barrel design.

Source- Dicks Sporting Goods

Creates a faster swing
Easton S250 USA Youth Bat 2018

Part of the Speed Brigade™ lineup, the 2018 Easton® S250 USA Youth Bat a good option for players who value the traditional feel of a one-piece bat and the classic ping off a durable aluminum barrel.

Source- Dicks Sporting Goods

Easton Beast X Hybrid USA Youth Bat 2018

Completely re-designed to enhance the feel and provide a better connection between handle and barrel, the 2018 Easton® Beast X Hybrid USA Bat also includes an extended barrel design to enlarge the sweet spot. 

Source- Dicks Sporting Goods

Easton S450 USA Youth Bat 2018

The traditional one-piece design and military grade alloy makes the 2018 Easton® S450 USA Youth Bat a good option for players who have a balanced approach at the plate.

Source- Dicks Sporting Goods

Balanced swing weight
Rawlings VELO USA Youth Bat 2018

Equipped with tools designed for speed and bat control, the Rawlings® Velo™ USA Bat features a stiff handle and lighter swing weight thanks to a specially designed end cap.

Source- Dicks Sporting Goods

Increased barrel flex