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How to pick the right BBCOR bat

BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. In simpler words, a BBCOR bat is a bat which meets specific requirements as defined by NFHS and NCAA. As per these requirements, a composite or aluminum bat would meet BBCOR certification only if its exit speed doesn’t exceed a certain limit. So the actual purpose of the BBCOR limitation is to put a cap on the maximum exit speed of baseballs on the plate in order to avoid any serious injuries to the players. An easy way to identify any BBCOR bat is to check for the .50 stamp on it. If the bat has the stamp, it is a BBCOR bat.

A wide range of BBCOR bats are available in the market. Many of these are from the leading manufacturers of baseball equipment. But the right bat for you is the one that suits you well during a game. When finding the right bat for you, you have to consider a wide range of factors. These include length, weight, the material of a bat and more. Here are important guidelines on how to deal with each of these factors and in the end, find the perfect BBCOR bat for you.



If you are looking for BBCOR bats, you will realize that most BBCOR bats are between 31 inches and 34 inches in length. But if you dig a little deeper, you will easily find smaller BBCOR bats measuring 29 inches or 30 inches.

Choosing the right length in a BBCOR bat is critical. The right length will give you the perfect momentum to swing the bat and hit the incoming baseball smoothly without incurring any wrist injuries or losing your balance of the bat. The right length also enables you to channel your hitting prowess truly into the barrel, letting you hit harder and farther.

The perfect bat length for you will depend on your own height as well as your own height. So the chart below might help you determine the right length of the bat depending upon these factors.



Baseball bats are usually discussed not in terms of their actual weight but in terms of their weight drop. What is weight drop? Well, it is the difference between the length and the weight of a bat. So it refers more to the overall feel of a bat.

As per the rules, BBCOR bats are required to have a weight drop of -3. This means that the weight of the bat minus the length of the bat yields a difference of 3. For example, if the weight of a bat is 30 ounces and the length of the bat is 33 inches, the weight drop of the bat is -3. Since the weight of a BBCOR bat is directly dependent upon the length of the bat, you will be able to find the right weight when you determine the perfect length of your BBCOR bat.

Here is a general guidance chart which will help you find the right BBCOR bat for you depending on your own weight and height. However, please note that these are standard recommendations. They may be accurate or they may turn out to be estimates. So while you may use the chart as a guide, be sure to try out multiple bats before you choose the choose one.

Bat Material:


BBCOR bats are available in a wide variety, ranging in length and weight as well as the type of material used in their construction. Although BBCOR bats are also constructed using wood, a huge majority of BBCOR bats are made either from aluminum or composite material. So for general guidelines, we will discuss these two materials here.

Aluminum bats: Aluminum BBCOR bats come constructed entirely from aluminum and feature a one-piece design. These bats are usually a lot less expensive than composite bats but they are slightly heavier and may not offer as much trampoline effect. The good thing is that they don’t need any break-in period and are ready for use right out of wraps. These bats also offer the classic pop when you hit the

baseball with them. Another plus point of baseball bats is that in the hands of a power player, they can prove to be smashing hitters. If you rely on your personal prowess and hitting force to hit the baseball, an aluminum BBCOR bat may be a great choice for you.

Composite bats: Composite BBCOR bats are the most popular type of BBCOR bats. This is because composite bats offer a lot of advantages and great performance. These bats come constructed with composite materials and feature a large sweet spot, which enables players to hit the incoming baseball harder and farther more easily. Composite bats are also great trampoline effect. A slight downside is that a composite bat may require a break-in period before it is hot enough for top performance. Composite bats are also slightly more expensive than aluminum bats.


By Kelvin Donaldson


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