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Day Three Takeaways from the Cal Ripken Major 70 World Series

Day three of pool play is complete and Tuesday will be the final day before bracket play begins here in Branson. Some teams have already advanced to bracket play and some will have an important game left to play to determine their spot. It has been nothing but excitement and energy here at Ballparks of America and it will enhance throughout the week. These are some of the main takeaways from day three of the Cal Ripken Major 70 World Series.

Teams begin to advance

There are a few teams who have already been placed in their bracket on day two. The strong Middle Atlantic team has won their group and will move into bracket play with some momentum. They have shown the ability to score runs at ease. New York has also moved into the US bracket and will do so with strong pitching that can catapult them into the finals.

International groups feature important matchups

The final day of pool play in the international groups will feature two matchups that will determine the winners. The four teams that will be moving on are set but their positions are to be determined. Japan and Korea will square off to see who will win Group E. They have been the two most impressive teams in the tournament so far. This will be the game of the day. On the other side, the strong hitting Puerto Rico squad will face off against the Bahamas. All four teams are 2-0 and will face a tough test before bracket play begins.

All Day Three Scores

Puerto Rico 11  Australia 1

New York 6  Southwest 3

Pacific Northwest 9  Midwest Plains 3

Virginia 1  Connecticut 0

Bahamas 12  New Zealand 1

Pacific Southwest 5  Kentucky 0

Alabama 6  New England 0

Japan 8  Dominican Republic 3

Missouri 5  California 2



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