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Day Four Takeaways, Championship Bracket at Cal Ripken Major 70 World Series

Pool play has completed here at the Cal Ripken Major 70 World Series and teams have placed themselves in the bracket. Favorites have been determined and all teams will be playing their next game like it is their last – because it could be. As we enter the elimination rounds, here are some of the major takeaways from day four in Branson, Missouri.

Japan remains the favorite

Japan came into this tournament winning the last two. While they already clinched a spot in the bracket before Tuesday’s game, they were in a battle for first place against Korea. They beat a very good Korea team 2-0 and held them to one hit. Japan is the most complete team at the tournament with their ability to hit, pitch field and remain disciplined. Going into the elimination rounds, they are the clear cut favorite to make it three in a row.

Middle Atlantic is looking like a powerhouse

The Middle Atlantic team has come to Branson with a goal in mind and they are playing like it. After a close 4-1 win against a talented Alabama squad, they delivered two straight blow out wins to complete pool play. They dominated New England 11-0 and took down Idaho 10-2. They will go into the championship bracket as a top seed and will look to make it to the finals to get a chance at the international winner.

All Day Four Scores

Middle Atlantic 10  Idaho 2

Pacific Southwest 7  Southwest 4

Japan 2  Korea 0

New York 13  Kentucky 0

Virginia 15  Pacific Northwest 2

Puerto Rico 8  Bahamas 3

Dominican Republic 5  Canada 3

Ohio Valley 3  Southeast 0

New Zealand 12  Australia 1

Upcoming Games in Championship Bracket


  1. Middle Atlantic vs. 2-Pacific Northwest 12:30 PM
  1. Virginia vs. 2-Alabama 3:00 PM
  1. Ohio Valley vs. 2- Pacific Southwest 5:30 PM
  1. New York vs. 2-Southeast


  1. Puerto Rico vs. 2-Korea 12:30 PM
  1. Japan vs. Bahamas 5:30 PM

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