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Free Tuition Rewards Points Compliments of ACES and Youth1!

We’re sure you’ve seen the headlines offering you $1,000 of Tuition Rewards Points in your email and on the site. Don't ignore it. It might seem too good to be true, but it's in fact a great deal that we put together with one of our partners. What are tuition rewards points? They're guaranteed...

Is the Cost of Youth Sports Driving Kids Away?

In today’s economy, with many families living paycheck to paycheck, the cost of youth sports is becoming unmanageable. There are equipment, travel expenses, and perhaps most importantly coaching. For...

5 Books Every Athlete Should Read for Motivation

Sometimes all it takes is a good book to change your perspective. After reading it, you feel empowered, renewed, and motivated. Here are 5 books that every athlete should read for motivation:

How Do Youth Sports Help Improve Social Skills?

Playing sports is excellent for your child’s physical development. But did you know that beyond that, sports can play a crucial role in improving their social skills? Here’s why:

The Youth1 Athletic Competency Test is coming to Birmingham, Alabama

Calling all Birmingham athletes in every sport. If you think you've got skills here's your chance to prove it! The Y1ACT is coming to Birmingham, Alabama. The event will take place at D1 Sports...

Osgood-Schlatter disease cases on the rise as athletes succumb to overuse

Source: NYPost.com During a soccer game early last year, Tiffany Lin began experiencing a sharp pain in her right knee. Then a freshman at Manhattan’s Beacon School, Lin tried to play through the...

How to master your vertical jump

The Vertical Jump is one of the most telling drills for athletes of any age. That's why we've included it in the Y1ACT and why the NFL and NBA measure it at their draft combines. So how do you get...

The Y1ACT is coming to a town near you

The Y1ACT Is Coming to a Town Near You The most common questions that parents, athletes, and coaches ask us revolve around evaluating athletic performance and getting noticed. “How can I get my son...

Should you use social media for your youth sports league?

If you’re asking the question on if you should use social media for your youth sports league, that means you’re either new to social media, new to youth sports, or both.